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Key documents

Governing Documents

Articles of Association  (last updated July 2021)
Bye-laws  (last updated July 2021)


Agreements with the University of Liverpool

Memorandum of Understanding (last updated Feb 2020)
Appendix for MoU (last updated Feb 2020)
Code of Practice (last updated Feb 2020)


Guidance Documents

Code of Conduct (last updated July 2020)
Complaints procedure (last updated July 2020)
Disciplinary procedure (last updated July 2020)
Preferenda & Referenda Guidance (last updated July 2016)
List of Affiliations (last updated April 2024)
Membership Eligibility (last updated July 2021)


Annual Report and Accounts

Each year the Guild publishes its financial accounts, these are available to view here.



Key adopted Guild policies can be found here.


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