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NUS: More than just a discount card

The National Union of Students (or NUS as it is known best) is the national association of students’ unions. Founded in 1922, NUS exists to give a national voice to students and today it represents about seven million students across the UK.

Just like here at the Guild, NUS is a democratic organisation, putting the power back into the students’ hands to elect representatives and leaders to make decisions on their behalf and represent them at a national level.

As a student at the University of Liverpool, you are automatically a member of the Guild and NUS. This means that as well as the opportunities available to you here, you can also enjoy amazing perks like the NUS Totum card full of discounts on clothes, meals out and so much more.

The main purpose of the NUS is to represent you (and 7 million others) at a national level, ensuring there is a student voice in national conversations. Running nation-wide and regional campaigns reflecting issues at the heart of student life, NUS lobbies the government and elicits change in the interest of all students.

  • Keeping your stuff safe: In 1965 NUS founds Endsleigh Insurance, the first insurance company willing to take students.
  • Cheap trains: In 1974 NUS paved the way for the Student Railcard, what you know as the 16-25 Railcard.
  • No taxing tax: In 1992 NUS ensure that full-time students were exempt from council tax
  • Why stop at Undergrad?: If you’re thinking of continuing onto a postgraduate degree you have NUS to thank for securing postgraduate loans first for under 30s and then for all students in 2015.

Want to help shape the NUS vision and create meaningful change for the student population? There are a few different ways you get involved.

  • Represent Liverpool Guild of Students and attend an NUS conference:

Elected at two points in the academic year, our NUS delegates can represent the views of students at the University of Liverpool at the annual National conference and Liberation Conference.

Whether you want to see something changed locally or nationally you can submit your ideas and motions to our ‘Change It’ platform.


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