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Mission, Vision & Values


What is the Guild for? (Our Mission)

To offer excellent opportunities, services and facilities which improve, enrich and develop the lives of all students at the University of Liverpool.

Where we are going? (Our vision)

We will ensure that our members have the best experience, be equipped to change the world and be proud of their Guild. We will be one of the leading Students’ Unions in the UK.

Our values (How we will do this)

  • Fun and Friendly – Everyone is welcomed at the Guild and we will create a home away from home for all our members.
  • Ambitious – Everything we provide is the high quality our members deserve
  • Innovative and Agile – we will be responsive and open to new ideas.
  • Representative and Involving – our members lead us and are involved in shaping their own experience at every level, we will amplify your voices
  • Professional and Responsible – we are inclusive, informative, respectful, human and inspiring.
  • Sustainable - We've been here for over 100 years. We'll be here for hundreds more by being ethically, environmentally and financially sustainable.

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