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Our team

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team, with the elected Student Representative Officers, is responsible for the day to day direction of the organisation and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.


Chief Executive Officer

Tricia O'Neill


Director of Membership Services

Morven Proctor


Director of Marketing

Sian McGreary



Advocacy Manager

Tom Rutherford


Student Adviser

Mary Edgar


Student Voice Manager

Chloe Roberts


Student Voice Coordinator

Peter Miles


Student Voice Coordinator

Emily Atherton


Democracy & Campaigns

Democracy Coordinator

Abigail Morris


Marketing Team

The team is responsible for all marketing and communications for membership services and the commericial strand of the Guild.

Digital & Data Coordinator

Nick Jones


Graphic Designer

Sam Mobbs


Content Marketing Coordinator

Katie Chilton


Marketing Assistant

Fiyinfoluwa Adeyemi


Media Campaign Manager

Laura Johnson


Content Marketing Manager

Alex Jones


Finance & Admin

Governance Lead

Alice Middleton


Deputy Director of Finance

Angela Thomas


Guild Finance

General Finance email


Finance Assistant

Debbie Brown


HR Manager

Jennifer Hobson


Finance Assistant

Kelly Tattam


Social Enterprise

Assistant Venue Manager (Retail)

Jo Sharp


Operations Co-ordinator

Adam Reed


Assistant Technical Manager

Emily Gleaves


Technical Manager

Charlie Gibbons


Bookings and Events Manager

Ian Spenton


Reception Services Manager

Elaine Ansell


Reception Services Coordinator

Beth Mawson


Operations Manager, Bars

Luke Howson


Starbucks Manager

Megan Byrne


Bar Supervisor

Finn Allison


Bar Supervisor

Ben Dare


Bar Supervisor

Reuben Veysey- Smith


Bar Supervisor

Rachel Smithers


Student Activities

Volunteering & Fundraising coordinator

Aimee McMenamin


Societies Coordinator

Hannah Clarke


Societies Coordinator



Sustainability Manager

Laela Purvis Greenway


Socieities & Volunteering Manager

Hannah Fowler


Sustainability Coordinator

Lizzie Larner


Sustainability Assistant

Oliver Walford


Hall's student Committees Coordinator

Tara Evers Codling


Deputy Director of Membership Services

Ruth Dalton


Central Services Team

The Central Services Directorate provides support relating to facilities management, sustainability, human resources, finance and all administrative functions including our reception service.


Facilities Manager

Marc Eagle


Assistant Facilities Manager

Ian Thorold


Assistant Facilities Assistant

Mike Donnelly


Assistant Facilities Assistant

Jordan Marrs


Facilities Assistant

Ethan Riley


Facilities Assistant

Jimmy Zhu



Cleaning Supervisor

Donna Richards


Cleaning Supervisor

Clara Ciurli


Cleaning Supervisor

Ann-Marie Dunn


Cleaning Supervisor

Jodyne Grimwood


Cleaning Supervisor

Natasha Perry


Cleaning Supervisor

Anthony Scoggins



Theresa Walsh



Angela Davies



Lorraine Eagle



Sue McGuirk

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