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Landlord’s Responsibilities: 

Your landlord is responsible for most major repairs including; 

  • The structure and exterior of the building (including the walls roof, external doors and windows) 

  • Heating and hot water 

  • Electrical wiring and all electrical appliances they supply 

  • All gas appliances they supply 

  • Pipes, chimneys, flues and ventilation 

  • Bathroom fittings, including pipes and drains  

Your landlord is not responsible for repairs needed because of damage caused by you, anyone you live with, or any guests - even if the damage was accidental.  

If your home is damaged as a result of repair work carried out by the landlord, it’s their responsibility to fix the problem. If any of your personal belongings are damaged as a result of repair work carried out by the landlord, you can ask the landlord to pay to repair or replace them.  

Your Responsibilities: 

You are expected to maintain a normal standard of tidiness and cleanliness and it’s also your responsibility to carry out some minor repairs and maintenance, for example: 

  • Changing light bulbs 

  • Replacing accidentally broken items 

  • Replacing batteries in smoke alarms 

It is also your responsibility to report repairs to your landlord/letting agent and it is important that you tell your landlord/letting agent that a repair is needed as soon as possible. Requests should always be made in writing - even when you’ve a made a phone call to your landlord/letting agent, always follow this up with an email so there is a record of when you first reported the issue.  

You must also allow reasonable time for them to find tradesmen and start the work.  

Problems with Disrepair 

If you are having troubles with disrepair contact a Guild Advisor for help. We can advise you on the correct steps to take in contacting your landlord/agent to try and resolve the issue.  

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