Jonathon Foster, Vice President

Jonathon Foster, Vice President

Name:Jonathon Foster

Birth place: Derbyshire

Random fact about yourself: I used to hold a semi-pro football contract, but only got as far as warming the bench… 

Favourite Emoji: Relieved face 

Best quote you’ve heard: "The question isn’t can you handle the situation, the question is can you handle your mind?" – Will Smith

Who would play you in a film: A few people have said I look like Jude Law, so maybe him?

Main priority for year at the Guild: Better timetabling and mentoring, and much more stable VITAL and Liverpool-Life platforms

Working with the University to stop Kingdom Litter Officers patrolling the University of Liverpool Campus

  • Working with the University to upgrade VITAL and Liverpool-Life systems in order to increase the stability and accessibility of both platforms.
  • Reducing the frequency of crashes and errors on these platforms is key to workflow and student experience.
  • Exploring the opportunity of creating a single, unified, platform for all University services including VITAL, Liverpool-Life, the student intranet, CareerHub etc.
  • Ensuring that timetables are more reliable on release to minimise the frequency of changes and inappropriate room allocation.
  • Working with the University to ensure that timetables are released earlier to allow students additional time to make arrangements before the start of each semester.
  • Working on the earlier release of exam timetables to allow students more time to plan revision and prepare fully for assessment periods.

Working with the University to make car parking available on campus for students with the aim of increasing the safety and convenience for students commuting to campus in the evenings and on weekends to access society events/sport/libraries etc.

  • Work alongside all other officers, as well as members of both Guild and University staff to run a successful campaign against harassment on campus and online.
  • Roll out Bystander Intervention Training to student leaders at the start of the academic year, and make the training available to all students throughout the year
  • Increase awareness of ways to report harassment, and where to find support.
  • Working with the University to develop the current peer mentoring system into a more robust arrangement which will ensure both students who are mentors, and those being mentored, will get the most from the system.
  • Introducing eligibility for HEAR to ensure the role is completed adequately, and mentoring taking part in the scheme get recognition for their efforts.
  • Utilising online platforms, such as Liverpool Connect, to make communication between peers more accessible.
  • Work with the University and Sport Liverpool to ensure the return of AU Nights to the Mountford Hall.
  • Promote a greater relationship between AU members and the Guild.
  • Build greater relationships between students and Academic Advisors.
  • Ensure that all students at the University receive consistent support from their Academic Advisor.
  • Implement the Academic Advisor framework, which will set the baseline for the standard of support that all students should receive from their Academic Advisor.
  • Ensuring that all societies know their value to the Guild! Societies are fantastic, and fundamental to what we do.
  • Ensuring that society achievements, big or small, do not go unnoticed; also recognising the achievements of individuals.
  • Working with the University to offer greater support to Honours Select students.
  • Ensuring that students on Honours Select programmes receive communications from both of their schools of study, not just their major school.
  • Ensuring that Honours Select students are provided with all of the resources needed from both schools to complete all assignments to a high standard.

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