Jodie Sylvester, Vice President

Jodie Sylvester – Vice President

I want to ensure that our university’s reporting mechanisms and student services provide a supportive environment for students who have experienced sexual violence. Also, I want to work with local businesses to make Liverpool clubs safer, ensuring staff are trained to better standards to spot and deal with harassment.

The government has slashed Maintenance Grants, Disabled Student’s Allowance, Nursing Bursaries and more, leaving many students unable to fully participate in university life. I want to make sure that our university is supporting its students that are in need of financial support in a meaningful and substantial way.

Graduation tickets and gown hires are expensive hidden costs that prices students out of attending their own graduation. I believe that students should not have to pay to attend their own graduation, and that the university should subsidise these costs.

I want to expand the Call It Out campaign to include domestic abuse to ensure that students are equipped to recognise signs of abuse in their own and friends’ relationships, and where to get advice or help if they need to.

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