Jodie Sylvester, Vice President

Jodie Sylvester – Vice President

I want to ensure that our university’s reporting mechanisms and student services provide a supportive environment for students who have experienced sexual violence. Also, I want to work with local businesses to make Liverpool clubs safer, ensuring staff are trained to better standards to spot and deal with harassment.

The government has slashed Maintenance Grants, Disabled Student’s Allowance, Nursing Bursaries and more, leaving many students unable to fully participate in university life. I want to make sure that our university is supporting its students that are in need of financial support in a meaningful and substantial way.

Graduation tickets and gown hires are expensive hidden costs that prices students out of attending their own graduation. I believe that students should not have to pay to attend their own graduation, and that the university should subsidise these costs.

I want to expand the Call It Out campaign to include domestic abuse to ensure that students are equipped to recognise signs of abuse in their own and friends’ relationships, and where to get advice or help if they need to.

The committee informs the University’s strategic requirements in regard to education-related digital systems (such as lecture capture and VITAL) and services, in order to achieve Strategy 2026 objectives.

Jodie Sylvester- I will ensure the lecture capture policy is adhered to and that opt-outs are fair for students and staff.

This group established the University’s equality steering action plans, one for students and one for staff. The student focused plan addresses underrepresentation of student groups on undergraduate programmes.

Jodie- This group looks at the underrepresentation of women, BAME, disabled and mature students on certain courses. My priorities on this committee lie in accessibility on campus, attainment gaps and diversifying the curriculum.

This committee forms the strategic relationship between the University and the Guild. It monitors and signs off the Guild’s reporting and accounts such as the Student Voice Report, which reviews issues and feedback from Course Reps. This committee acts as a forum to discuss university and Guild joint campaigns and activity.


This committee forms the strategic relationship between the University and the Guild. It monitors and signs off the Guild’s reporting and accounts such as the Student Voice Report, which reviews issues and feedback from Course Reps. This committee acts as a forum to discuss university and Guild joint campaigns and activity.


The role of the Gift Oversight Group is to consider due diligence is undertaken on potential donors, donations and fundraising advocates as per the University’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

Jodie Sylvester I will be helping to make principled recommendations to the University’s senior management when considering donations and gifts.

This committee considers how to make best use of the University’s heritage collections and cultural activities in order to benefit the University’s teaching and research activities and the University’s engagement with the Liverpool City Region and its cultural life.

Jodie Sylvester

This committee plays a significant role in acting as channel for fostering inter-faith activity, and sharing updates of each respective chaplain. There are four chaplains shared with John Moores University. Chaplains often play an important role in developing and maintaining positive campus cohesion. They have had communications with Islamic Society regarding mental wellbeing whilst at university and running events to encourage greater conversation on it.

Jodie Sylvester

This committee is responsible for addressing issues and supporting the delivery of upgrades or improvements to learning and teaching spaces. They ensure that the University’s identity is ingrained in the design values and themes creating a recognisable brand.

Jodie Sylvester – In this committee, I will be ensuring accessibility is prioritised in the design of our university buildings.

The Safe and Welcoming Campus Environments Project addresses sexual violence on campus and other issues students may face that make them unsafe. Bystander Intervention training was developed and supported through this group. The priorities for the upcoming year are; hate crime, purple flag, online harassment, and racism.

Jodie Sylvester - I will be using this committee to ensure the university is committed to prioritising the safety of its students on campus by exploring how it can tackle sexual violence in effective ways.

Senate is one of the highest decision-making bodies at the University and is responsible for promoting research, promoting and regulating learning and teaching, and for maintaining the quality of standards of the University’s academic provision.


This group encompasses everything in students’ non-academic life, from accommodation issues to transport queries and everything in-between.

Jodie - My priorities on this committee will be sexual violence on campus and voicing my concerns around the cost of graduation.

We will ensure former Guild President Rory Hughes’ work on Educational Psychologist Assessments will be seen through.

The group was initially formed as a collaborative campaign which now meets to discuss city wide and University campaigns around sexual violence in the night time. This community group includes representatives from Liverpool City Council, Sefton Council, RASA, Merseyside Policy, LJMU, JMSU, UoL and the Guild. The group also support implementing specific training for workers in the night time economy.

Jodie - I will be working with this group to make the Guild’s safe night out strategy and the Draw the Line campaign are effectively linked with key stakeholders in the city.

This committee looks at incidents and safety problems on campus, working with campus security to address crimes and anything related to student safety.

Adnan Hussain & Jodie Sylvester

This group was tasked with reviewing the University’s transgender policy. This committee has broad areas of work, including looking at IT systems and ensuring students’ correct pronouns and names are used on University systems and detailing how students can get a new student card and email address with their correct name and pronouns.

This year the group will be introducing a ‘sport for all’ policy, offering careers signposting to trans-friendly employers and year in industry opportunities and Training staff to better support trans students. Find out more here.

Jodie Sylvester - I will be focusing on ensuring the University’s IT system use correct pronouns/names, making sure students are signposted to trans-friendly employers and making sure staff are trained on how best to support trans students.

The University Hardship Fund (UHF) is available to provide support for home students experiencing financial difficulty. The aim of the fund is to relieve financial hardship that might impact on a student’s participation at University. Students who have applied for the Non-Standard Awards are reviewed at this panel.

Jodie Sylvester

The Wellbeing Board works on the University’s strategic approach to student and staff wellbeing; this includes recruiting additional Wellbeing staff, planning collaborative projects and coordinating Wellbeing Week events and activities. The board plans to move the counselling building to a larger and more accessible space.

Hannah Nguyen & Jodie Sylvester

Hannah Nguyen & Jodie Sylvester

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