Hannah Nguyen, Vice President

Hannah Nguyen, Vice President

Following a successful Fossil Free campaign that pushed the University to stop investing in fossil fuel companies, I want to explore others ways that Liverpool University can act in response to climate change.

This climate crisis strategy will include: setting a carbon neutral target, transitioning to renewable energy, embedding sustainability into the curriculum and refusing research contracts with fossil fuel companies.

To ensure the Guild engages with all students, I want to create liberation networks for women, disabled, BAME and LGBTQ+ students, as well as sections networks for international, mature and postgraduate students. These networks will receive funding, training and support to organise events and campaigns.

Guild Summit is our primary democratic structure but at present very few students know what it is or understand how it works. Currently, a sample of students that represent the demographics of our student body are randomly selected to make decisions on behalf of all students. I want to re-design Guild Summit so that all students, particularly those who engage with on-campus issues, are able to participate in the conversation and have their say. .

The Guild has four key charities each year but little is done to fundraise for them. As a large charitable organisation, we have the ability to do much more to raise money for our key charities, working alongside our societies and the wider student body to do achieve this.

This committee audits and monitors the University’s compliance with the Office for Students [link to Jargon Buster] regulations regarding Consumer Law. The focus is on student’s consumer rights being abided by when ‘purchasing’ degrees and other products from the University.

Former Guild President Rory Hughes pursued the removal of academic sanctions for non-academic debt through this committee campaigning for an end to this during the Cut the Rent campaign. Find out more here.

Hannah Nguyen – My priorities will be keeping an eye on the ongoing conversations around ‘miss-selling’ of degrees and ensuring students have accurate information, advice and guidance about their degree.

This group established the University’s equality steering action plans, one for students and one for staff. The student focused plan addresses underrepresentation of student groups on undergraduate programmes.

Hannah - My priority on this committee is to ensure that any work the University undertakes on addressing accessibility on campus, attainment gaps and diversifying the curriculum centres the needs of students.



This committee forms the strategic relationship between the University and the Guild. It monitors and signs off the Guild’s reporting and accounts such as the Student Voice Report, which reviews issues and feedback from Course Reps. This committee acts as a forum to discuss university and Guild joint campaigns and activity.


This committee reviews the University’s investment strategy and oversees the University Endowment Fund. Four fund managers are tasked with investing money in order to generate a profit for the University.

Hannah Nguyen - Following the success of the Fossil Free campaign, I will ensure that the University complies with the new ethical investment policy and ceases to invest in all fossil fuel companies. I will also continue to oversee compliance to the University’s other investment exclusions (companies that derive significant revenue from animal testing, tobacco or armaments).

Discussing and leading on the University’s sustainable approaches, the group facilitates the sustainable activities on campus and partners with Guild and city-wide campaigns. The University’s annual Sustainability Report is discussed at this group.

Hannah - My priority will be lobbying the University to setting a carbon neutral target, declaring a climate emergency and writing a climate crisis strategy that commits the university to acting appropriately in response to climate change.

Focusing on post-graduate research students, this committee oversees any proposed changes to post-graduate policies, for example assessment or recruitment and has an active engagement with mental wellbeing of post-graduate students, for example, funding the PGR Mental Health & Well Being Catalyst Project to take place in the Liverpool Doctoral College.

This year, a policy was put through which means if a student has major modifications on their thesis, they still have an opportunity to pass by working with their supervisor. This policy will hopefully come into force soon which will be beneficial for post-graduate research students going forward.

Hannah - My priority this year will be feeding issues raised by the Postgraduate Network and Postgraduate Society into the Postgraduate Research Committee to ensure that the University makes changes that improve the experience of these students.

This committee oversees the development and implementation of strategies, policies and frameworks designed to promote research at international and world-leading standards across all disciplines in the University

Dylan Thomson & Hannah Nguyen

This group encompasses everything in students’ non-academic life, from accommodation issues to transport queries and everything in-between.

Hannah Nguyen - My priority on this committee will be raising issues discussed at our student network meetings.

We will ensure former Guild President Rory Hughes’ work on Educational Psychologist Assessments will be seen through.

Senate is one of the highest decision-making bodies at the University and is responsible for promoting research, promoting and regulating learning and teaching, and for maintaining the quality of standards of the University’s academic provision.


The Wellbeing Board works on the University’s strategic approach to student and staff wellbeing; this includes recruiting additional Wellbeing staff, planning collaborative projects and coordinating Wellbeing Week events and activities. The board plans to move the counselling building to a larger and more accessible space.

Hannah - My priority will be feeding issues raised by the new Student Networks for women, BAME, LGBT+, disabled, postgraduate, mature and international students, ensuring that any University work on student wellbeing centres the needs of students..

This committee deals with attendance monitoring of all students. The university has to comply with government regulations in order to recruit international students.

Hannah Nguyen

This group is part of a project that has three sub groups, funded by the Office for Students. Working in the reams of the student mental health project, the group will work with services across to Liverpool to ensure there is a collaborative and joined up approach when supporting student mental health.

Hannah - My priority is to help the University understand the experiences of students on campus.

This group oversees policies around academic misconduct; reviewing policies, curriculum changes overseeing how the University records these and ensuring there is effective communication and awareness of the changes.

Hannah – My priority is that the University clearly communicates their policy on academic integrity.

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