Dylan Thomson - Deputy President

Dylan Thomson – Deputy President

Continuing the momentum of the Fossil Free campaign, I will be working with Hannah to challenge the University to set an ambitious carbon neutral target of 2030. In order to do this, it will be necessary for the University set up a cross-university committee to tackle the seven key components of its carbon footprint: buildings, transport, food, education, investments, research and pensions.

It is no secret that many landlords across the country take advantage of students, seeing them as easy money that will give them limited hassle. The University’s dedicated organisation, Liverpool Student Homes, supports students when they are screwed over by landlords, however it is underfunded and is in need of restructuring.

The government have continually created a hostile environment for migrants with insecure settlement status. Therefore, I want the Guild to play an active role in creating a friendlier environment by working with local charities to put on events and activities to allow local refugees to integrate into our community.

At present, the careers fair is catered towards multinational businesses that are all based in London, meaning that Liverpool and the North West lose out on all the talent created by the University. I will establish a careers fair that focuses on ethical companies and charities based in the North West.

This committee oversees university processes for academic standards. They look at all of the university processes in place, such as how the university forms practical decisions regarding courses, and ensures that they are robust, consistent, transparent and reviews any proposed changes to processes.

Dylan – My priorities will be checking that the University maintain high quality and standards of all their modules for all their students.

This working group reviews the University’s assessment and feedback policies and practices to enhance effectiveness, consistency, and equity. The group also monitors the Code of Practice on Assessment and the PGR Code of Practice. In 2018, the committee supported changes of the university’s Late Penalties policy led 2018/19 Guild President Rory Hughes. Find out more here.

At the Assessment and Feedback Working Group we will ensure that any changes being made have gone through student consultation.

This group meets twice a year to go through applications for the Asylum Seeker’s Bursary. An Asylum Seeker’s Bursary for Undergraduate courses was introduced in 2017, this covers tuition fees and maintenance with some students offered accommodation in halls. Currently, the asylums seeker’s bursary has been increased from £20,000 to £40,000 and funding has been secured to support two PhD students who became Asylum Seekers mid-studies.

Dylan Thomson – My priorities will be to make sure that the University implements the bursary properly and that the right support is provided to asylum seekers claiming it.

This committee oversees the quality assurance, monitoring, and review of arrangements with partner institutions, making recommendations to Senate on the renewal or termination of partnerships. The group throughout this year will alternative their meetings from focusing on Laureate to focusing on Kaplan (UoL’s current online partner and new online partner). This will ensure both the current partner and the new partner have full oversight of their operations alongside ensuring students at both partners receive sufficient support.

Dylan- In this committee I will be making sure that the transition runs smoothly from our two online course platforms Laureate to Kaplan.

This board covers everything that the university is working on regarding employability, from the Careers Studio to the Graduate Outcomes Survey to Kickstarter and more.

Aiming to improve employability for ‘widening participation’ students, the group has been growing the Careers Students and student career coached whilst establishing stronger links with Liverpool employers. The committee is also working on embedding careers advice in the curriculum.

Dylan Thomson - In this committee I will be asking the university to start engaging with local and ethical employers so that graduates feel like they can stay in Liverpool instead of having to go to London.




This committee has oversight of the three Service Units based in the North West region: Liverpool University Royal Naval Unit (LURNU); Liverpool University Officer Training Corps (LOTC); and Liverpool University Air Squadron (LUAS).

Dylan Thomson - I will be reviewing the University’s work with the military, in line with a more ethical approach.

OPOG oversees the provision of online programmes and ensures the implementation of University policies and procedures in respect to online programmes.

Dylan Thomson - In this committee I will be making sure that the transition runs smoothly from our two online course platforms Laureate to Kaplan.

Focusing on post-graduate research students, this committee oversees any proposed changes to post-graduate policies, for example assessment or recruitment and has an active engagement with mental wellbeing of post-graduate students, for example, funding the PGR Mental Health & Well Being Catalyst Project to take place in the Liverpool Doctoral College.

This year, a policy was put through which means if a student has major modifications on their thesis, they still have an opportunity to pass by working with their supervisor. This policy will hopefully come into force soon which will be beneficial for post-graduate research students going forward.

Dylan - I will be continuing discussion about having an official maternity policy for PGRs and following this up to ensure its implementation.

This committee oversees the development and implementation of strategies, policies and frameworks designed to promote research at international and world-leading standards across all disciplines in the University.

Dylan Thomson & Hannah Nguyen

Senate is one of the highest decision-making bodies at the University and is responsible for promoting research, promoting and regulating learning and teaching, and for maintaining the quality of standards of the University’s academic provision.


The group was initially formed as a collaborative campaign which now meets to discuss city wide and University campaigns around sexual violence in the night time. This community group includes representatives from Liverpool City Council, Sefton Council, RASA, Merseyside Policy, LJMU, JMSU, UoL and the Guild. The group also support implementing specific training for workers in the night time economy.

Dylan Thomson

Discussing and leading on the University’s sustainable approaches, the group facilitates the sustainable activities on campus and partners with Guild and city-wide campaigns. The University’s annual Sustainability Report is discussed at this group.

Dylan - This committee has traditionally ticked off certain policies and projects that they have created. I will hopefully ask for it to be more resourced and have a greater level of authority within the University, therefore, embedding sustainability into the University.

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