Dylan Thomson - Deputy President

Dylan Thomson – Deputy President

Continuing the momentum of the Fossil Free campaign, I will be working with Hannah to challenge the University to set an ambitious carbon neutral target of 2030. In order to do this, it will be necessary for the University set up a cross-university committee to tackle the seven key components of its carbon footprint: buildings, transport, food, education, investments, research and pensions.

It is no secret that many landlords across the country take advantage of students, seeing them as easy money that will give them limited hassle. The University’s dedicated organisation, Liverpool Student Homes, supports students when they are screwed over by landlords, however it is underfunded and is in need of restructuring.

The government have continually created a hostile environment for migrants with insecure settlement status. Therefore, I want the Guild to play an active role in creating a friendlier environment by working with local charities to put on events and activities to allow local refugees to integrate into our community.

At present, the careers fair is catered towards multinational businesses that are all based in London, meaning that Liverpool and the North West lose out on all the talent created by the University. I will establish a careers fair that focuses on ethical companies and charities based in the North West.

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Email: Dylan.Uren-Thomson@liverpool.ac.uk