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Our community goes beyond the staff and students at the University of Liverpool as we form a collective of local residents, schools, businesses and charities that all work towards the common goal of sustainable development and prospering livelihoods. It is through these connections that we can form partnerships that support our neighbours so that we might improve social injustices and inequalities, educate one another and share our successes.  

We have a range of volunteering opportunities that you can get involved in, so visit our volunteering page to find out how you can expand your skills, network and experience by working with Liverpool’s local communities.  

Guild Schools allows University of Liverpool students to deliver workshops to Primary and Secondary school pupils, through Science in Schools, Sustainability in Schools & Societies in Schools. 

 Running across Merseyside throughout the academic year, Guild Schools is an excellent opportunity for both students and pupils to develop skills, share knowledge, and  experience something new. What's more, it’s completely free for both the student volunteers and the schools to take part in Guild Schools sessions. themselves. We are currently working hard to develop a new range of exciting sessions for 2022/23.

Sign up as a Guild Schools Volunteer here, or sign up as a society here

To volunteer or find out more about Guild Schools, please email

The Guild work in collaboration with the Halls’ Life Team and SOS-UK, deliver a range of fantastic events, volunteering and learning opportunities all revolved around sustainability for Halls’ students.

This year we have plans for herb pot planting, vegan cooking sessions, upcycling workshops, nature walks, bike rides and more! Keep a look out in your weekly halls updates, emails, and on the events pages.  

Whether you are already an activist taking action on the climate crisis or you are new to the issue, this opportunity is open to anybody living in University Halls of Residence. Flat Sustainability Champions will undergo training from SOS-UK, encouraging flatmates to improve energy saving, recycling, and other behaviour changes, including opportunities to get involved in the paid recycling audit. Find out more about what this and other sustainable volunteering opportunities involve.


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