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Join your HSC 

Each Halls of Residence has a Halls’ Student Committee (HSC) that anyone living in Halls can be a part of. The aim of each HSC is to make sure every Halls’ resident has the best time whilst living in Halls 

What do the HSCs do? 

HSCs represent the students living in Halls and make sure that students’ opinions are heard at the University and at the Guild of Students. They also have a budget which can be used to improve and enhance the student experience and promote a feeling of community amongst residents of the hall. This budget can be used to purchase items and equipment for the Halls, as well as organise activities, events and activities.

What kind of events have HSCs previously organised?

  • LGBT+ Awareness Week 
  • Seasonal events, e.g. Earth Day events, Easter Egg Hunts, Chinese New Year celebrations, Holi, Diwali celebrations, Valentines, Halloween and Christmas decorating
  • Movie nights and games nights
  • End of year celebrations and summer carnivals
  • Charity events (e.g. Children in Need and Comic Relief fundraising) 
  • Crafternoons
  • Cinema trips
  • HSCs have also bought Xboxs, pool tables, table tennis and goal posts for their halls 

Is it a big commitment?

Each HSC will take part in training for the role where you’ll be given all the information you need to help the HSC run smoothly. Each week you would expect the HSC to meet once for around an hour. If you have an event or trip coming up, there may be additional small tasks to complete as well.

Each HSC also has a Residential Adviser (HSC RA) who attends the weekly meetings and offers support and advice. As well as this, there is the HSC Coordinator at the Guild as well as staff in the Halls Life team who are on hand with anything you need.

Being a part of your HSC offers you the opportunity to better students’ experiences, and gain new skills with a comfortable level of commitment to fit around your studies and other University commitments.

Why should I join? 

Becoming a member of the HSC it is a great way to make new friends and represent your fellow students. Joining the HSC gives opportunity for students to develop lots of new transferrable skills outside of the lecture theatre e.g. problem solving, budgeting, planning and communication. Any student resident of a Hall is eligible to join their HSC. 

But don’t just take it from us – here are ‘three words to describe your HSC experience’ from HSC members from 2022/23:

  • "A worthwhile challenge” – Vine HSC member
  • “Fun, learning, adventure” – Dover and Philharmonic HSC member
  • “I loved it” – Melville HSC member
  • “Fun, friendly, memorable” – Melville HSC member

We also asked our HSC’s what their favourite thing was about being on the HSC. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Having the freedom and flexibility to come up with new activities and also to represent the entire residents living in Tudor”
  • “Working with team members”
  • “Learning how to organise events and talk to network with so many people!”
  • “It was good to get to know other residents of Melville Grove”

What's next?

Be sure to check @livunihalls on Instagram, your Hall’s Facebook group and weekly email during the first few weeks of term for details on how to join your HSC.

If you are interested in joining your HSC or have any questions, get in touch -

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