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Meet your NUS Delegates for National and Liberation Conference!

After a campus wide vote, you have voted for the 8 students to attend NUS National Conference on 17th & 18th April 2024 in Blackpool. Joining Guild President, Vasiliki Samuels, and delegates from across the country will be at the heart of NUS’ decision making, electing new full time Officers and making real change to the Student Experience on a National Level.

NUS also host a Liberation Conference which ensures that marginalised voice are at the forefront of the conversation and you have voted for 6 students to represent Liverpool students. They will join representatives from particular student groups across the country to set policy for the independent NUS Liberation Campaigns and elect the Liberation Officers who represent you.

Your National Conference Delegates are:

  • Akhil Scaria
  • Fin Deane
  • Harisah Malik
  • Holly Thompson
  • Kathryn Manley
  • Lina Dubbins
  • Othman Ibrahim
  • Vaishali Panwar

Your Liberation Delegates are:

  • Georgina Andrews
  • Harisah Malik
  • Othman Ibrahim
  • Vaishali Panwar
  • National Conference: 17th & 18th April 2024 in Blackpool
  • Liberation Conference: 15th & 16th April 2024 in Blackpool

NUS National Conference is an opportunity for students across the UK to come together and discuss, debate and vote on proposals for what NUS should work on. They are also able to elect a new set of full-time, paid student leaders to take the lead on NUS’ work for the next academic year, ensuring that students stay at the heart of their work.

  • Expand your network and build new connections – on LinkedIn and IRL.
  • Leading real change, creatively shaping the next steps of national campaigns
  • rowing your own professional and campaigning and skills and putting them into action!

Taking place every year, Liberation Conference represents the interests of particular student groups who have unique experiences and challenges. Being part of this Conference allows you to set policy for the independent NUS Liberation Campaigns and elect the Liberation Officers who represent you.

The six delegate spaces are reserved for delegates who self-define into the groups which are represented at Liberation Conference. The reserved places are as follows:

  • One Black* Student
  • One additional place for a Black* Woman Student
  • One Trans Student
  • One LGBTQ+ Student
  • One Disabled Student
  • One Woman Student

Read the full election update here


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