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It’s time to create a zero-tolerance campus & Reclaim our Campus!

You are three times more likely to be sexually assaulted whilst a student than at any other time of your life. And 1 out of every 10 students who identifies as a woman say that they have experienced some form of sexual assault. We must do more to Reclaim our Campus.

Despite sexual violence always being an issue, in the wake of the Sarah Everard tragedy, there have been battle cries across the country to prevent sexual violence, and we recognise that more needs to be done to ensure that all students feel safe both on and off campus.

Through the Reclaim our Campus campaign we are making the steps to create a zero-tolerance campus where no form of unwanted sexual contact is accepted by the student community or the University.

How we’re going to get there:

  • Educate, equip, and empower students with training and tools to be active bystanders, call out harassment and create a culture of enthusiastic consent.
  • Work with the university to create a zero-tolerance campus
  • Improve accessibility to reporting and support available for survivors both in the University and externally in the city.
  • Work towards ending rape culture on campus.
  • Working on tackling sexual violence in the night-time economy

This is an intersectional campaign which recognises that no matter your gender, sexuality, race, religion or disability, you may face sexual misconduct. However, this campaign also acknowledges that those from certain backgrounds and identities may have an increased risk of being sexually harassed, assaulted or raped.

Stand with us and reclaim our campus.

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