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Being LGBTQ+ does not automatically mean you will have mental health issues, however, people who identify as LGBTQ+ may be more susceptible to mental health problems than heterosexual and cisgender people due to a range of factors, including discrimination and inequalities.

Although there is a range of mental health services available both within the University and externally, specialist organizations and LGBTQ+ groups can go a long way in helping those within the community. Outlined below are several charities and organizations that offer a range of support for LGBTQ+ people.

A helpline service that gives national information and a listening service over phone, email and instant messaging via their website. All volunteers identify as LGBT+ so the person answering the telephone will have an understanding of your situation. They are based in London but take calls from the whole of the UK.

A mental health service for LGBT+ people which provides advice, information, advocacy, peer support groups, counselling, mentoring and wellbeing events. They also run weekly online support groups specifically for Trans and Non Binary people, LGBTQ+ Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people and young LGBTQ people.

YPAS offers a range of support and therapeutic services for young people until the age of 25. You can access their counselling and psychotherapeutic service and can even request an LGBTQ+ counsellor if one is available. They also run a support service called GYRO which is directly aimed at helping LGBTQ+ young people

  • Contact details: 0151 707 1025 //
  • Open Times: Open Monday to Friday from 9:15am to 8pm but closes at 4pm on Friday. The YPAS Hub is also open on Saturdays for Therapy services by appointment only.
  • Website:

GYRO is a service provided by YPAS. It provides a safe and confidential space for you to explore your sexuality and/or gender identity with other young people like yourself. Aimed at young people aged 12-25, GYRO offers group meetings or 1 to 1 appointment with a worker with an LGBTQ+ specialism for confidential support.

Committed to providing support and advocacy for LGBTQA+ refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, they provide resources, hosts events and share empowering stories of their members experiences. They engage with their members through one-on-one mentoring, workshops, social events, peer support, and referral to partner organisations for legal, financial, health and housing support.

A national trans support network offering emotional support via a weekly helpline, as well as general information and support groups.

A Manchester based charity offering mental health services and resources to the gay community. This includes befriending, free counselling and a support helpline.

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