Sean Turner, President

Sean Turner, President

Currently working on: Planning Liverpool’s part in the boycott of the National Student Survey. Working with the University to implement its Education Strategy for the next five years.

My passion: Seeing everybody having an equitable chance. Innovative ideas for the third sector. Debating with friends how we’re going to start the revolution… as soon as we’ve finished this drink.

Favourite thing about the Guild: The consistent dedication our members show to improving their own, each other’s and the community’s experience. The efforts they put in, whilst studying for their degrees, are not only humbling but making a difference.

My priorities: Ensuring Liverpool’s voice is heard in the national fight against the current Education reforms. Growing Liverpool RAG. Better publicising the fab work that students and the Guild do.

My plans and progress so far:

1. Designed a new governance structure for RAG.
2. Have an extra member of staff specifically to look after RAG.

Give societies more opportunities to advertise their activities on the Guild’s digital screens.

1. Organised a series of impactful film screenings.
2. Held a UK-EU information evening.

Secured four scholarships from the University for asylum-seeking students, two of which specifically for those in the Liverpool area.

1. Host a council for society leaders to discuss any issues they face.
2. An occasion to improve networking and collaboration between societies.
3. An opportunity to question Guild Officers and hold them to account.

Helping Liverpool RAG to plan activities for a RAG week.

Arranging for the University’s website to advertise Guild activity.

1. Review the spaces for media societies to work in.
2. Raise awareness of student media.

1. Publishing Officers’ workplans online.
2. Having this page put on the website so you know what we’re up to!
3. Hold an Officer Accountability session for societies and course reps.

1. Review how the Guild’s building is used and evaluate how it can be best utilised.
2. Explore new uses for commercial outlets..


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