Annual Members Meeting

Each year the Guild holds an Annual Members Meeting, which is open to all full members to attend. This meeting:

  • Recieves the annual accounts - so you can see how the Guild has spent its money.
  • Recieves the Trustee's Annual Report - so you can see the activities the Guild has been involved in.
  • Approves any affiliations the Guild will make in the forthcoming academic year.
  • There is also an opportunity for members to ask questions directly to the Guild of Students' Trustees.


of Liverpool Guild of Students (“the Guild”)


Notice is hereby given that an Annual Members Meeting of the members of the Guild will be held in The Mountford Hall, Liverpool Guild of Students, 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TR UK at 3.00pm on Thursday 9th May 2019.


The business of the meeting will be:


to receive the 2017/18 Accounts

to receive the 2018 Trustees’ Annual Report

to approve affiliations

open questions to Trustees.



The date of this notice is: 1st May 2019

By order of the Board

Rory Hughes, Trustee


The registered office of the Guild is: 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TR

Note: A member of the Guild who is entitled to attend and vote at the above-mentioned meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy, who need not be a member of the Guild, to attend, to speak and to vote instead of him or her. You should have received a proxy appointment notice with the notice of this meeting which was emailed to all eligible Members on 2nd May 2019.



The Annual Members Meeting of the Guild took place in the Mountford Hall on Thursday 3rd May 2018.

The meeting approved the 2016/17 Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts, approved our Affiliation to the NUS.

The meeting also heard reports from the current Officer Team on their work this year, there was an opportunity for members to ask questions to the Trustees and there was a consultation on some changes we're making to our Byelaws.