Lecture Capture Survey

Lecture Capture

In September 2017, the University of Liverpool introduced a policy to provide guidance on the usage of Lecture Capture using the University’s Stream Capture system for professional and academic staff across the institution. The policy, enforced across the institution makes it compulsory for academics to ensure that all lectures are recorded. In some cases, members of staff may have legitimate reasons for not wishing their lecture to be recorded however, this must be signed off by the head of School and communicated back to students.


  • Raise awareness of the Lecture Capture policy
  • Promote the use of technology enhanced learning within the institution
  • Increase the number of lectures being recorded across the University to ensure students have access to review material

What we’re doing

  • Empowering students to challenge when lectures are not being recorded as per the policy
  • Working in partnership with the University to take action when the policy is not followed

How you can help

Please contact your Faculty Student Voice Coordinator if you have any further questions.