UCU Strike

Universities UK are proposing cuts of up to 40% to university staff’s pensions. As a result, University staff who are members of the University and College Trade Union (UCU) will be taking strike action for 14 days between 22nd February – 16th March. A consensus decision was reached by students at our democratic decision-making body – Guild Summit – that the Guild should support UCU in their strike action.

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You can help save staff's pensions and bring this strike to an end as quickly as possible. Here at University of Liverpool, we are in a unique lobbying position. Our Vice Chancellor Professor Dame Janet Beer is also President of Universities UK and a leading figure in the dispute. Follow the steps below to lobby her to make your voice heard.

To sign the Petition Click HERE

You can email our Vice-Chancellor Professor Dame Janet Beer who, as President of Universities UK, is a leading figure in this dispute over pensions. In the email we suggest you talk about the disruption the strike is having on you, why you support staff in their strike action, ask specific questions and urge her to stop the pension cuts and negotiate with UCU to find a just solution. Click here to send email