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If whilst studying at University, are subject to a criminal investigation, you are required to inform the University. This investigation may be in the form of: 

  • You being charged with a criminal offence 

  • You receiving a Police caution 

  • You being arrested by the police and charged with or convicted of a criminal offence 

You need to inform the University by contacting the Director of Student Administration and Support

If you are sent for trial, you or your solicitor must keep the Director informed at all stages. If you are convicted then this must also be reported along with details of any sentence imposed. A conviction includes being put on probation, being given absolute or conditional discharge, being bound over, or being given a formal caution. You do not need to declare parking or speeding offences. 

Students on some professional programmes may also be required by to report annually on any current criminal records. This requirement is in addition to the University’s requirement to report matters to the Director of Student Administration and Support and may result in a referral to the University’s Fitness to Practise Procedures. This is something a Guild Adviser can assist you with.  

To declare an investigation, charge, formal caution or criminal record, you need to complete the Criminal Offences Declaration Form and return it to:  

If you would like support with this please contact a Guild adviser at to arrange an appointment.  


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