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Communications Excellence Plan

We will mean more to our members with better, bolder and more impactful communications

We will achieve this by:

  • Refreshing and embedding the Guild Brand – ensuring consistency across digital, physical and face to face interactions
  • Ensuring our purpose, promises and identity are communicated consistently across content and channels
  • Running Guild specific awareness campaigns
  • Investing in a team of student Marketing staff to generate content
  • Ensuring members feature visually across content and channels
  • Shaping content around what we know students’ value
  • Champion experience not service delivery
  • Building on segmentation work
  • Interrogating Social Engine research further
  • Mapping key student journeys
  • Creating an internal Insight Working Group to bring together knowledge across the Guild
  • Email – we will increase volume, reach more members, improve open rates and reinforce the Guild
  • Web – we will undertake a full review of current platform, define purpose, review alternatives and improve user experience
  • Youtube – we will put video at the centre of our communications, record and publish key events/activity to take reach outside of our building
  • Social Media – we will continue to review our 3 main social channels against KPIs, increasing followers, improving reach and engagement as well as increasing the volume of student centred and led content
  • On campus – we will increase the physical presence of the Guild, and Student Officer Team, outside our building
  • Student Media – we will support and compliment the work of the Student Media Society
  • University owned – we’ll continue to work closely with University Student Comms and Marketing colleagues to ensure our message is supported via these channels
  • Non-owned channels, such as press, we will identify these and plan around them
  • Key groups include; Student staff, Student Media Society, Society Members, Course Reps, Volunteers, top Social Fans
  • Working with relevant teams we will produce Comms plans for each group that identify communication and relationship building opportunities, purpose, key messages and KPIs
  • Establishing communications priorities across the organisation
  • Building relationships with Guild teams to understand priorities and improve content creation
  • Raising awareness and understanding of the impact of Marketing and Communications activity
  • Delivering integrated marketing campaigns – ensuring we consider the full mix of channels available to us

We will measure our success by seeing:


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