Rory Hughes, President

Rory Hughes, Vice President

Name: Rory Hughes

Birth place: London

Random fact about yourself: I DJ Chicago Footwork in my spare time

Favourite Emoji: The solidarity fist one! 

Best quote you’ve heard: "The future has an ancient heart" - Carlo Levi

Who would play you in a film: Michael Fassbender

Main priority for year at the Guild: Cut the Halls Rent and build student grassroots campaigning on campus. 

Successfully negotiated 15% drop in the cost of Bus Travel for students with Arriva. Details of the new bus pass can be found here. With the closure of Carnatic in 2019 we are seeking to negotiate a further decrease as the route changes.

Successfully lobbied the University to remove investments from the worst Fossil Fuel companies and the Arms Trade. Supporting Deputy President Hannah to improve the current policy.

Couldn’t stop significant rises in tuition fees for Home/EU Postgraduate students but successfully got the University to introduce their first Home/EU Masters bursaries for working class students being introduced in 2019/20.

Put on a series of events discussing student finances and took the largest delegation of students in the country to march in the streets of London demanding Free Education Now, Tax the Rich

Supported University staff and students through the biggest strike action in the history of Higher Education and ran the ‘Teach-Out’ programme to bring students and staff together. The dispute resulted in a Joint Panel being established between UCU and UUK to explore the ‘valuation’ of the pension fund. The panel reports back shortly and we will post an update when it does.

Rolling out Bystander Intervention Training to student leaders on campus, running the Call it Out campaign and ensuring the Guild is a Safe and Welcoming space for everybody with staff training and changes in policy.

Running a campaign to Cut the Rent in University Halls, ensure maximum student representation in rent-setting and accommodation strategy moving forward. Get involved here!

Completed a large amount of research, including a survey to affected students, on the issue of students with Specific Learning Difficulties having to pay large sums of money for diagnostic tests before being able to access Disability Support. Currently writing a paper to send to the Student Experience and Enhancement Committee recommending universal funding of Educational Psychologist Assessments for students who need them.

Creating a new bespoke ‘Student Media Hub’ in the Guild and implementing new developmental training packages for student journalists

Researching and writing a paper to the University’s Student Experience and Enhancement Group recommending the University acts as guarantor for international and estranged students so they can fully access private rental accommodation.

Sending a paper to the University’s Assessment and Feedback Working Group proposing that students’ with accepted Extenuating Circumstances should have any Late Penalties removed from their work as a result

Implementing the results of our internal Democracy Review. These include improvements to ChangeIT, Summit and how we store Guild Policy. They also include the introduction of a formal mechanism of holding your Elected Officers like me to account, read more here!

Lobbying via the University’s Sports Strategy Group to reduce the cost and/or introduce new payment plans/memberships for the campus Sports Centre. Also seeking to expand the ‘Exercise Referral Scheme’ which gives students accessing counselling free access to Sports Facilities.

Lobbying the University to implement the result of the Gladstone Halls preferendum from last year. Seeking to get a plaque on the new Halls of Residence exploring Gladstone’s role in the Slave Trade.

Lobbying the University to implement ‘automatic voter registration’ for all students and hoping to research how many/where/why students are in employment alongside their studies and promote Trade Union membership to those who are

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