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Register your organisation Service level Agreement

Our volunteering service is completely free to all local charities, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. Here is your step by step guide to registering your organisation:

We're looking forward to working with you.

Complete our online registration form and agree to our Service Level Agreement to register your organisation. As part of the registration process you must upload a copy of your Public Liability Insurance, Volunteer Policy and, where relevant, a Safeguarding Policy. We will send new organisations a Checklist so that you’re sure of what is needed from you.

Once we approve your application, you will be invited to log in to your organisation's profile to upload volunteering opportunities onto our portal. Students can then browse and apply for these opportunities. You can change the details on your profile and volunteer roles at any time.

Students respond really well to both regular and one day volunteering. Students want to be given a meaningful role with a sense of purpose, and a clear benefit. Students’ availability varies from student to student, however, opportunities in the evening (4.30pm onwards) and on the weekends are the most successful when trying to attract volunteers. We do successfully recruit volunteers for all times though.

When uploading volunteering opportunities try to include as much detail on the role, location and time commitment (frequency, time of day, level of flexibility, etc). Students are more likely to respond to role in which they know what can be expected of them. Please also include details of training that will be available to Students undertaking roles with your organisation, this can increase the popularity of roles to career focussed students. All roles advertised need to be open to all students (regardless of personal attributes such as faith, gender, age, background, etc.) and roles cannot involve students recruiting members for or promoting the tenants or a particular faith or political leaning.

Volunteers cannot be used to substitute the work of a paid role, they should join your organisation to enhance and support staff. We discourage roles which ask for a time commitment of more than the equivalent of more than one day per week.

Liverpool Guild of Students Volunteering Service are not able to promote international volunteering opportunities.

Contact interested students You will be notified by email when any prospective volunteers register interest for your opportunities. This email requests that you make contact with the students directly to offer further information, including next steps and recruitment procedures. We ask that once a student expresses interest in your opportunity, you make contact within seven working days.

We interpret you approving an application as confirmation that you have contacted the student, please be sure not to leave students as pending or we will assume you are a non-responsive organisation and will be less likely to signpost students to your opportunities.

Liverpool Guild of Students Volunteering Service will promote your opportunities accordingly to students via our website, social media channels, through our regular email communications, and through a range of face to face and social media communications were appropriate. We will invite you to Volunteer Fairs, and advise you on the best ways to promote your volunteering roles.

We expect all registered partner organisations to let us know if they successfully recruit any volunteers through our service by sending a list of names and verifying the hours they have volunteered with you. This is for reporting and evaluation purposes, and also allows us to recognise our students with Volunteering Awards.


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