Make Our Campus Accessible

by Julia Robbins 01 February 2019, 11:43

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We, the supporters of this idea, express serious concern that the buildings and campuses at the University of Liverpool are not fully accessible. This makes it difficult or frequently impossible for disabled staff and student to access vital resources and facilities, which we are rightly entitled to, alongside our abled bodied colleagues and peers. Most notably and concerningly, the newly refurbished 501 building does not have a fire lift. The University seemingly perceived that it was more imperative to improve the aesthetic of the facilities than to ensure its accessibility, meaning in the instance of a fire disabled staff and students will not be able to safely exit the building. This could be resolved by ensuring disabled staff and students are timetabled to the ground floor only but once again, the University has failed to put these measures in place. This does not only exclude and disregarded disabled persons but puts them at direct risk of serious physical harm or prevents us accessing these facilities at all. 

We believe this alienates and excludes disabled students and staff at the University of Liverpool and does not uphold the Equality Act 2010. Therefore, we believe the university has a legal, and moral obligation, to make sure disabled staff and students can fully access our campus. 

As such, we call on the university to: 

  1. Hire a third-party auditor to assess the accessibility of the entire Universities campus, and buildings. 
  2. Uphold the equality act 2010 to make sure disabled staff and students are fully included
  3. Uphold our reasonable adjustments, not just as recommended but as a requirements.