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For a larger meeting, presentation, training session, reception or workshop, the Library is the perfect space to find some inspiration.

Appropriate for a group of up to 80 people, the room combines grand, traditional design, including two feature fireplaces, with a contemporary bright and airy feel.

Mandela Room

With its grand interior and bountiful space, the Mandela Room is the perfect setting for an event designed to impress.

The room is ideal for up to 100 people in a range of layouts to suit a variety of corporate events, from presentations to receptions.

Gilmour Room

As one of our mid-size rooms, the Gilmour room is situated on the ground floor, accessed via our grand reception.  The space combines traditional decadent design with a contemporary bright and open feel.

The room hosts up to 70 people and seating can be converted to suit a variety of events, such as medium-sized presentations, conferences, meetings or training sessions.

Elizabeth Gidney

One of our largest conference spaces, the Elizabeth Gidney, is situated in a quiet setting on the second floor of our building. This bright and airy space can host up to 80 people.

Its flexibility as a working space means it can cater for a range of needs, and the room is ideal for larger presentations, training sessions, conferences or meetings.

Harold Wilson

With views over both the Metropolitan Cathedral and the historic Victoria Building, the Harold Wilson room perfectly combines the traditional and the contemporary in a space suitable for up to 60 people.

Inside, large floor-to-ceiling windows flood this medium-sized space with light, giving the classic elegant interior design a modern bright and airy feel.



McAusland Room

Our McAusland Room is a wonderful setting for a mid-sized meeting or event. The space boasts flexible seating options and is flooded with plentiful natural light.

A fantastic room for up to 70 people, the McAusland is ideal for discussing important decisions or hosting a truly memorable event. To fully appreciate the space, look up at our impressive feature ceiling design.

James E. Brown

As one of our smaller spaces, the James E. Brown room offers ideal layout solutions for more intimate meetings and presentations.

With a capacity of up to 40 people, the room also boasts stunning views of the Metropolitan Cathedral and Liverpool’s majestic skyline – perfect for encouraging creative thinking and developing exciting new ideas.

Ken Saro Wiwa Room

The cosy, yet bright and functional, Ken Saro Wiwa Room is the perfect location for your smaller meeting, presentation, or training session.

The space can host up to 50 people in a variety of layout options, and the room benefits from breath-taking views of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the city skyline – ideal for inducing creativity and thought.

Kitty Wilkinson

Our smallest space, but perfect formed, the Kitty Wilkinson room is ideally suited to a more intimate meeting or interview.

The room is perfect as a cosy setting for up to 32 people, and the ideal space for encouraging creative thinking in quiet and relaxed surroundings.

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