Renaming halls

Have your say

Play a part in a historical moment: have your say in renaming Gladstone Halls.

We are running a cross-campus student vote on renaming Gladstone Halls following the University of Liverpool’s decision in May 2020.

As the renaming of Gladstone Halls is the direct result of two distinct student campaigns spanning three academic years, and as it is also a place of residence where thousands of students have and will live, this is a distinctly student owned space and students should play a significant role in the renaming process.

After an overwhelming response, we can now reveal the names that have been shortlisted to rename the former Gladstone Hall.

The shortlist are:

  • John Archer
  • Emma Clarke
  • Dorothy Kuya
  • Anthony Walker

Voting will take place online from 9:00am on Monday 19th – 2:00pm Friday 23rd April alongside the Student Officer Elections 2021. The power is in your hands to campaign and vote for a fitting new name that reflects the values of Liverpool students; those who study on the campus and who will start their University journey in the Halls.

In October 2017, a student submitted an idea to the Guild’s Change It platform asking for the University to consider changing the name of Gladstone Halls. After garnering both support for and opposition to this proposal, the idea was sent to campus-wide ballot for students decide whether this was something they wanted to take forward. Students voted to keep the name but to ask the University to put up a plaque to outline Gladstone’s connections to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The wording for this plaque was still being finalised in May 2020 when, in response to the murder of George Floyd, there were renewed calls from the student body to change the name of the Halls. After meeting with students and the Guild’s Student Officer team, Vice Chancellor Dame Janet Beer made the decision to remove the name.

Read more about the campaign and why it’s more important than ever in Adnan’s blog

If you are interested in campaigning for one or more of the shortlisted names, please get in touch with Lucy Pilling ( by 9am on Monday 12th April 2021. You will be linked up with other students who have expressed interest and will provided with staff guidance and support to form a campaign team.

A preferendum is a way of voting, but instead of having just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ options, people can vote on three or more possibilities. There will be four options in the Renaming Halls Preferendum vote and the Guild will use a Modified Borda Count to find our winner.

When voting in a preferendum you rank options according to preference. Your ranking assigns a number of points depending on how many options are on the ballot paper and how many options you choose. If there are five options and you rank all five, your first preference is worth five points, your second four, and so on. By choosing to rank all five options you are allocating 15points. Alternatively, if there are five options and you only choose one you only allocate 1 point. For more information, please see