5 Wellbeing Tips for Exam Season

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Exam season can be stressful and whilst it is great to work hard, it’s also important to remember that your mental health is important. Here are my tips to help you to be mindful of your wellbeing to prevent burnout during exam season:


1. Make time for hobbies

It’s important to make time for things you enjoy doing whether this is a sport, a craft or whatever makes you happy. This will give you something to look forward to and give your mind a rest from all the hard work


2. Eat

Making sure you eat properly during exam season can be crucial as it can affect your mood and your focus. If you are struggling to make time for cooking it can be helpful to meal prep, so all you need to do after a day of working is use the microwave!


3. Talk to others if you’re struggling

If you are struggling with exam anxiety it is important to talk about these feelings with someone. Family members and friends who are going through the same thing are great to talk to, and there are people at the Guild and wellbeing services too


4. Sleep

Staying up late cramming is likely to only make you more tired. It is important to be well-rested in preparation for your exams as this will help to improve your focus


5. Allow for breaks/ days off

Finally, it is ok to take breaks or days off! If you need time to recharge then it’s important you take it, so that you can come back refreshed. I recommend leaving the house for a walk to change your scenery or spend time with friends by going out for dinner or watching a film