A preferendum is a way of voting, but instead of having just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ options, people can vote on three or more possibilities.

A preferendum will happen if a student’s idea divides Guild Summits opinion. They will identify the different options which are causing debate at the meeting, and these will be put a campus wide ballot for one week.

All students can get involved in preferendums and if you would like to campaign for your preferred option, get in touch and so that you can do this. At least 3% of University of Liverpool students must vote in order for the preferendum result to be valid.

Challenge preferendum

If you’re not satisfied with the decision made by Guild Summit, you can petition for a Challenge Preferendum. You can do this by collecting signatures from students who support the idea to challenge the decision. This can be done online or by hand, and it must be at least 1% of University of Liverpool students. You must complete this and hand it into our reception within one week of the Guild Summit’s decision. Valid student numbers for each student must also be provided.