Got an idea to make University life better? Use ‘Change It’ and we could help make it happen.

The first thing you will need to do is Log in and tell us your idea. It will appear on our website the next working day. Students will then be able to vote and comment on your idea and you will need 20 'up votes' for it to be considered by the Student Officer team.
Once your idea has received 20 'up votes' – which tells us other students like and support your idea - we will get to work. We will keep you up to date with progress about if and when we plan to bring your idea to life. When we need extra help for some of the more complicated ideas, Guild Summit will spring into action. If Guild Summit agree with your idea, it will go to Board of Trustees for final approval. If it divides opinion, it will go to a preferendum.

Coronavirus Change It Submissions

We understand and appreciate that you have questions and concerns at this time that you would like to raise directly to your Students’ Union and to the University. We want reassure you that the Guild and your Student Officers are still here to represent you, and are working closely with the University to raise all of your queries and get the best outcome for students. During this time we advise you email any queries, experiences or concerns directly to rather than through the Change It platform.

summit idea
Tell us your idea and give us as much detail about it as possible.
20 up votes
Once your idea has been submitted, students will need to vote on it – so get encouraging them to share their thoughts. Should it get 20 ‘up’ votes, it will move onto the next stage..
student Officers decide how best to take these ideas forward
Student Officers decide how best to take these ideas forward - working out costs, timings and other logistical issues that might be important to consider.
look at by Guild Summit
Guild Summit explore these ideas and how they might impact on students. They may take an idea forward, make changes to it, or reject it if they feel it’s not the right choice for students. If Guild Summit can’t reach a decision on an idea, it will be sent to a campus-wide Preferendum vote.
decision made by Guild Summit
If a student is unhappy with a decision made by Guild Summit, they can challenge it, which may lead to a campus-wide Preferendum vote.