Guild Awards is back and it’s bigger than ever, with brand new awards and the coveted accolades we’ve come to know and love, this is your chance to become part of a Guild legacy.

Has one of your friends, another student or a staff member gone above and beyond to enhance an aspect of University life?

We’re on the lookout for sustainability heroes, superstar course reps, individuals who embody the Guild values, an amazing society and lots more to honour with a Guild Award – our way of saying “thank you” for all of your effort.

Do your good deed for the day and nominate someone you think deserves a Guild Award.

How to nominate:

All you have to do is fill out the nomination form, demonstrating in up to 1000 words how your nominee fits the criteria and keep your fingers crossed.

All the criteria can be found below.

The Awards:

Awarded to a Course Rep from each faculty, Health and Life Sciences, Humanities and Science and Engineering, for going the extra mile to improve your University experience; an all-round Course Superhero!

An outstanding Course Rep will:

  • Listen - They will have collected feedback from a large number of peers and in a new or innovative way, ensuring it is accessible to all students.
  • Take action - During their time as a course rep they will have tackled a longstanding big issue, reporting back to their peers to ensure lines of communication are open.
  • Make a change - The recommendations from their feedback will have benefited a large number of students, creating lasting change.

Awarded to a member of teaching staff from each faculty, Health and Life Sciences, Humanities and Science and Engineering, for going the extra mile to improve your University experience.

An outstanding teacher will:

  • Support - They will go above and beyond to offer support, in both the Academic Advisor and teaching role, giving detailed and constructive feedback on assessments and ensuring lecture content is accessible to all students.
  • Engage - An award winning teacher will engage with student representation systems, listening and supporting Course Reps to gather feedback and make a change for the better.
  • Innovate - Taking an innovative approach to education they will adopt new styles and be committed to engaging students that can often feel unheard in mainstream education.

Recognising any member of University staff, who goes beyond their job role to make your University experience better.

An outstanding member of staff will:

  • Innovate - They will be committed to engaging students who can often feel unheard in mainstream education. They will take an innovative approach to support their needs and promote health and wellbeing amongst students.
  • Go Above and Beyond - The recipient will go beyond their job role to support the needs of all students, being there for each student demographic in multiple capacities and circumstances and will ensure campus is a safe and clean environment.
  • Be from any department - This award is open to any member of University staff from any department, an individual that has supported you and made your University experience that little bit better.

Acknowledging a member of staff who is a true Green Hero. The individual will embed the Guild’s core value of sustainability into their teaching methods and their role on campus.

A Sustainability Champion will:

  • Promote - The recipient will actively promote the value of sustainability across campus, getting involved in campaigns and shouting loud about sustainable opportunities at the University and beyond.
  • Go Green - A true sustainable champion will be committed to reducing waste in whatever way they can, for example going paperless within their role.
  • Encourage - They will encourage values of equity, tolerance and respect for others, engaging students in those values and in sustainability projects both locally and nationally, embedding the UN’s Sustainability Development goals into what they do.

Awarded to a student who is a true Green Hero; an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Green Guild team and for sustainability on campus and beyond.

A sustainability champion will:

  • Contribute - A real champion will contribute a new project or opportunity for the Green Guild – from volunteering to an information session, they’re all award worthy!
  • Promote - Getting the word out is the key to any successful project; a sustainable champion will have promoted lots of Green projects and campaigns via social media.
  • Dedicate - A real sustainable champion will be dedicated to giving back and will have got stuck in to volunteering with Green Guild regularly.

Recognising an individual or group who have gone above and beyond to positively impact the city of Liverpool; stepping beyond campus to affect change.

The recipient will:

  • Create Change - The recipient will have successful developed a project to create positive change in the city, identifying who will benefit from this and measuring the impact of their activity.
  • Network - The individual or group will have built clear relationships with external organisations in the city, outlining what was achieved in linking up with the wider community.
  • Develop - The individual or group will have carefully considered the development of the project, considering its sustainability – and ensuring these relationships continue to flourish.

Awarded to an individual or group who have positively impacted the University community; bringing a little bit of magic to our campus home.

The recipient will:

  • Create Change - The recipient will have created a project or developed an idea to create a positive change on campus, identifying who will benefit from this and measuring the impact.
  • Network -The individual or group will interact with the University community, identifying key partners and working together to creative a positive impact on campus.
  • Develop - In order to create a longstanding impact, the recipient will have carefully considered the development of the project, ensuring its sustainability; their own campus legacy.

Acknowledges a Halls’ Student Committee that has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to improving the student experience of residents in Halls.

An outstanding Halls’ Student Committee will be:

  • Engaging - They will engage with the students in their halls through exciting events, trip and activities to ensure the Halls experience is enhanced. They will also positively engage with the Guild through committee meetings and the Give it a go programme.
  • Inclusive - The recipient of the award will ensure a variety of events, trip and activities to be inclusive for the varied student demographic living in Halls.
  • Collaborative - An award winning HSC will work alongside the Guild, University and other HSCs on campus to create innovative events and initiatives, enhancing the Halls experience.

Recognises an individual or group who have made an outstanding contribution to Guild

Fundraiser of the Year will be:

  • Innovative - When it comes to fundraising, it’s all in the method. From bake sales to charity buckets a fundraiser of the year will demonstrate an innovative approach to raising money.
  • Dedicated - They will be dedicated to the cause. Whether they are holding events frequently or curating a one off special event, the recipient of the award will be an enthusiastic, committed fundraiser.
  • Impactful - They will have had a profound, positive impact through their dedicated work; the money raised will having an impact on the chosen charity but also influence others to get involved.

Awarded to an outstanding campaign by a Guild society that has amplified the student voice and created positive change on campus and beyond.

An outstanding campaign will be:

  • Engaging - They will have actively engaged with Guild during both the planning and delivery of the campaign. Engagement should not be limited to the society but inspire students from across campus – and even nationally.
  • Active - The key to any campaign is visibility and an outstanding campaign will have shown versatility, creating at least 3 distinct activities, from blog posts and articles to events and social media.
  • Measurable - The winner of campaign of the year will have clear aims and objectives which can be measured, demonstrating effective campaign leadership to ensure positive change.

Acknowledges an outstanding individual who has been committed to creating positive change on campus or in the local community.

The recipient will:

  • Influence - Through their commitment to the cause they will have influenced and inspired other students on campus to take part in activism and follow in their footsteps.
  • Lead- In order to create positive change, they will have led on events, trips and campaigns, bringing their activism to life.
  • Create Change - The Activist of the Year will have made a significant contribution on campus, to a community or even wider.

Recognises an individual or group who embodies the Guild Values and are committed to personifying the core qualities through events, campaigns or activities. Demonstrate how the nominee has gone above and beyond to embody one or more of the Guild

Values listed below:

  • Fun and Friendly
  • Ambitious
  • Innovative and Nimble
  • Representative and Involving
  • Professional and Responsible
  • Sustainable

The highly coveted award acknowledges an outstanding society, who has created a positive impact to the student experience, Guild and wider community. Take your place alongside societies who have taken the Guild to dizzy new heights.

The Society of the Year will

  • Engage - With at least 10 paid members, the society will have hosted at least 3 engaging and innovative events to get involved in.
  • Listen- Building on feedback from their members, an award winning society will always be looking to improve, creating new events, better interactions and an all-round greater experience.
  • Create change - Taking their place in the Society of the Year hall of fame, the recipient will have gone above and beyond to make their members’ experiences and the wider Guild community a better and brighter place.