Each year we are on the look-out for sustainability heroes, superstar course reps, an amazing society and individuals who embody the Guild values to honour with a Guild Award, our way of celebrating a fantastic academic year.

For the 11th year, we came together for an evening to celebrate all the outstanding achievements of students, staff and community members who go above and beyond to make Liverpool a fantastic place to study. Congratulations to everyone who took home a trophy and all of the nominees. See the full details of the winners below. Have you or someone you know put on amazing society event, achievements incredible things as part of a campaign or have made the campus, or the city, a better place? Keep a look out for when nominations open and you could be taking your place as a Guild Awards winner 2020!

Always putting others before herself, Sarah goes above and beyond in her role as a course rep, ensuring she makes time for each of the students on her course and making sure their voices are heard loud and clear.

From chairing meetings to ensuring open and transparent communications with students, Sarah throws herself into all tasks, and faces challenges with a positive attitude. Quite simply the course wouldn’t be the same without her.

Poppy is always on top of emerging problems, ensuring they are addressed as quickly as possible, dedicating time outside of SSLCs whilst keeping up to date with her studies and commitments. Poppy always goes above and beyond to ensure feedback is collected even when faced with challenges and is always looking for solutions.

Led by student feedback, Glen created numerous events to support fellow student’s desires for more career related experiences. His work on the Student Employability Task Force saw them organise “Ignite Your Future – Be Your Own Boss Week” – an event that students were able to learn so much from and he also facilitated this year’s computer Science “hackathon”.

Gina’s dedication to the Garstang museum for the general public but especially for Liverpool students has enriched the experience of everyone who visits. Always on top of ensuring the collections are accessible, the winner has excelled in delivering guidance and resources for all students in need. Gina takes a new approach to their subject, providing intellectual, academic and emotional support to numerous members of the University – they really do go above and beyond.

Through an innovative and engaging teaching style, Ahmed’s lectures are filled with music, actively engaging with cutting edge research and are structured and organised ensuring that each of their students feels as if they are getting the most out of their education. He has been praised for his blended learning approach utilising the technology available, his out of hour’s café sessions for students wanting extra support and always giving detailed, constructive and speedy feedback. He has been described not only as an excellent member of teaching staff but someone who enriches each of their student’s university experience.

As a new member of staff this academic year, Lauren has formed great relationships with Course Reps and members of Guild staff to ensure they are all working towards the common goal of creating a better student experience. Through organising society events, liaising with committee members and staff and being on hand for Course Reps preparing for SSLCs, she is always an approachable and supportive member of staff – ready to support students and peers through any issues they may be facing.

Samantha has been described as a hands on-lecturer, praised for her comprehensive guides to supplement their teaching and for always being available to help. Always friendly and approachable, Samantha goes above the call of duty to support students to reach personal, academic and career goals – from writing references, creating connections at Academic conferences and obtaining data for projects. Her incredibly helpful and encouraging manner, engages each student on an individual basis, recognising their needs and supporting them to achieve beyond their expectations.

Lauren has collaborated with the Green Guild in a number of ways to amplify sustainability initiatives on campus. Through setting up lunchtime summer gardening sessions she has provided an opportunity to improve staff wellbeing whilst contributing to the cultivations of vegetables and growing bee friendly flowers. Lauren has also been spreading the word about the Eco-bricks initiative to colleagues; offering advice on her experiences, signposting to useful information and supporting the Guild’s wider Eco-brick project. A true sustainability champion!

Casey has been truly dedicated to the cause, starting out supporting the Guild’s Green team; she has tirelessly promoted efforts on social media and to local communities, and in truly believing that sustainability starts at home they have transformed their own society ensuring they are avoiding unnecessary plastic, cutting down on food waste and offering more vegetarian options. Casey has helped engage peers with the merits of sustainability, supporting them in embedding it into their day to day lives. On a slightly bigger scale, inspired by Blue Planet, Casey has brought the exciting Eco-bricks initiative to the Guild, repurposing plastic waste and ultimately keeping it from our oceans. We can’t wait to see our eco-brick furniture around the building very soon.

After winning the Green Guild Social Enterprise fund in 2017, Bernadette has taken her initiative from strength to strength within the local community, creating key links with major organisations in the city. Founding Hedge Arts – a social enterprise which brings green-creative workshops to in-need areas – she has rolled out exciting and innovative workshops to TATE Liverpool, Alder Hey, Aintree University Hospital and LIPA Primary – her sessions span from the green issues in fairy tales to getting back to nature in BlueBell Woods. Bernadette is even bringing her green creative writing workshop, and incredible eco-journal Roots, on campus as part of Wellbeing Week this week

Liverpool Sikh Society have used their flagship event to create a real home away from home, catering for over 700 people, their vegetarian and vegan feast saw a wide range of societies, volunteers and local charities come together – creating a real community feel. The event also supported local charities in recruiting much needed blood donors for ethnic minorities – potentially saving countless lives. They also committed to creating a positive impact on the environment, ensuring each of their events is sustainable throughout.

Crown Place HSC has shown real dedication, commitment and care and continually impress with their bucket loads of enthusiasm.

Identifying one of their key goals of offering cost effective events, they have run themed move nights, cosy Christmas events, and a free games night. Working with the Guild to provide suggestions and feedback on campus wide events – always ensuring their students have a say.

We would also like to extend a special mention to the RA who encourages them to be ambitious, this win is the icing on the cake for their tenure.

Bringing their Raise the Roof event back to the city in order to raise money for refugee charities MerseyAid and Asylum Link, the, collaborative efforts of two Guild societies created a night of great music for over 200 guests raising £500 for such an amazing cause. We hope to see this event carry on for many years.

The Feminist Society’s winning campaign shed a light on prison conditions within the UK, particularly the marginalisation of LGBT+. As well as creating significant conversation on a topic often shied away from, the society has set up a book collection within the Guild for individuals to donate materials to incarcerated LGBT+ across the UK. Each and every one of these donations to the Books Beyond Bars campaign has made a difference to an individual’s life – an incredible effort!

Morven is an individual whose incredible leadership skills and far- reaching dedication to positive change has ultimately saved countless lives of people diagnosed with blood cancer and other blood conditions. As president of Marrow Liverpool, they have grown the society, held a number of innovative events and their commitment has encouraged other students to take part in activism, adding over 50 names to the stem cell register so far this year.

LUMOS, the first ever recipient of the Guild Values Award, has created an incredibly successful “Societies in Schools campaign”. Taking the time to work together, they have created an innovative and friendly approach to bringing Marine Conversation to local schools a what their next session will be! We can’t wait to see.

SNOGS has continually grown as a society, adapting what they do and engaging with other societies to create a community that goes beyond academic teaching. Whilst at the core they have educated their members, they have used the Guild’s ‘Give it a Go’ sessions to reach a wider audience about contraceptives, breast screening and cervical smears. Getting stuck in with the Societies in Schools opportunities, our Society of the Year has gone on to deliver contraceptive sessions to local schools with fantastic feedback, positively impacting the local community on crucial issues. Always looking to give, this year they have dashed around the city in Santa Outfits, held a sell-out event for local midwives, nurse and doctors and raised money for Liverpool Women’s Hospital Charity and WHISC (Women’s Health Information and Support Centre). Their dedication to women’s health both in education their society and their outreach projects is something that the Guild is incredibly proud of.