Women in STEM

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University of Liverpool’s Women in STEM is a new society established to create a supportive and empowering environment for female and other gender minority STEM students.

We aim to tackle one of the clearest symptoms of entrenched sexism in the modern economy: that women make up only 24% of those employed in core STEM industries in the UK*. For too long, women have been discouraged from pursuing careers in STEM, and we believe that everyone would benefit from increased female employment and insight in this crucial area of our economy. Therefore, this society will seek to encourage and support those women interested in pursuing a career in STEM.

As a means of achieving this, our society plans to create a space where women feel comfortable and empowered, through a variety of inclusive social events and talks by women in STEM industries. We hope to create a fun and educational environment, whilst attempting to resolve this crippling injustice in our society.

We encourage anyone who supports equality to join, regardless of gender!

*WISE Campaign - https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/statistics/women-in-stem-workforce-2017/






Email: womeninstem@society.liverpoolguild.org




Terms and conditions

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All members, including the committee, of each society must pay the yearly membership fee.

This membership money will be used by the society committee to deliver excellent activities for you during the academic year.

In order for you to run in your society elections and vote during the AGM; you must be a paid member.

Memberships last for 1 year only, ending on 31st July of each year and is non-refundable.