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Our society aims to be involved in not just cultural activity but academic ones too. we have joined the other Arabic societies to manage and participate in the (day in Arabia) event which held its second event this year to showcase Arabic and Gulf rich cultural and historical heritage. it was a big fun event that involves stalls, food and music. also, we held an event showcasing Ramadan as a workshop for children to inform about the importance of Ramadan and the different ways of celebrating in different countries. In addition, a writing workshop using LaTex was held to help who’s interest get familiar with the software and introduce the main feature of it and by the end exchange experience with each other. Another event was held to introduce student to biostatistics and the compatible programmes to be used for analysis. Also we organized an event with the Oman society regarding the use of social media as an informative and educational outlet ,and how to promote yourself and work through it . also members of the society join in an event hosted by the Saudi club that entitled( coffee with ..) in which in each meeting someone will introduce their experiences in studying abroad and issues that may arise from it, it was a popular one and was repeated twice with different PhD student.

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