LGBT+ Society

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The LGBT+ society at the University of Liverpool aims to brings its members together in a safe and fun social environment, and campaign for change and progress for LGBT+ rights in society. Our events are for LGBT+ people and allies, and whether you are wanting to join us to have a good time at university, or there’s a cause you want to raise awareness for, the society is here to support you to do that. We run regular socials from bar crawls to games nights and aim to be a society that can provide something for everyone, and so we are always open to suggestions for events that you would like to see. Our events for the year culminate in a big charity social that not only raises money for an LGBT+ charity but also promises to be a fantastic night for all! We were the winner of the Guild Award for Biggest Impact on the University Community (2018) and Society of the Year (2017), and we aim to build on these successes in the 2019/2020 year, and we hope you will join us in doing so!


Terms and conditions

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All members, including the committee, of each society must pay the yearly membership fee.

This membership money will be used by the society committee to deliver excellent activities for you during the academic year.

In order for you to run in your society elections and vote during the AGM; you must be a paid member.

Memberships last for 1 year only, ending on 31st July of each year and is non-refundable.