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Labour Students is one of the largest and most active societies on campus. We campaign for Labour candidates across the region, organise on campus and in our communities, and have lots of fun along the way. We’re a society for the many, not the few. This means we’re committed to creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for all Labour supporters at the University.

We put our membership at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to making sure your voices are heard and all of our members get a say in what our society does.

In recent years, we’ve gone from strength to strength. We’ve hosted loads of amazing speakers including Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Jones, and Shami Chakrabarti. We’ve campaigned in loads of elections across Merseyside – we worked hard to re-elect Margaret Greenwood in 2017 and helped elect socialist councillors in May. Labour students were pivotal in electing Rory Hughes as Guild president. We were also instrumental in supporting this year’s UCU strike. From making banners and placards, raising funds, and being on the picket lines every day, we were at the forefront of the campaign to support our hard-working teachers and support staff.

This year is going to be our best yet. We have loads of activities planned, including interesting guest speakers and talks, monthly socials, and loads of campaigning opportunities. Sign up now!

Terms and conditions

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All members, including the committee, of each society must pay the yearly membership fee.

This membership money will be used by the society committee to deliver excellent activities for you during the academic year.

In order for you to run in your society elections and vote during the AGM; you must be a paid member.

Memberships last for 1 year only, ending on 31st July of each year and is non-refundable.