Cyber Security

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A community of hackers where you can meet new people, learn new skills, and take part in CTFs

Whether you've just started to look at cybersecurity or are a seasoned hacker, there's a place for you in CyberSoc, with workshops, talks and CTF competitions.

We know that this year is going to be tough for everyone, and so we have already lined up:

  • Talks from industry leaders (such as Amazon), which will mix interesting stories with career advice.
  • Hacking workshops that will teach you vital cyber skills, as well as extending those you may already have.
  • A CTF that runs for at least the whole semester, with puzzles ranging from absolute beginner problems (port and site scanning) to technical cryptographic vulnerabilities, all of which should be covered through the year in the workshops.
  • A Discord server, where you can find interesting tools and news, as well as being able to learn from fellow members.
  • Support with responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities, including advice and (partial) anonymisation for those who worry about unfair consequences. Note that we do not condone or support any illegal or excessive attacks, and we will make sure that everyone knows where that line is.
  • 1337 hax0r hoodies.

When we are allowed to hold regular in-person meetings, we will resume our usual weekly in-person workshops. Until then, we will be holding them over discord, with talks probably using an alternative platform.

Discord - (You are most likely to find us here!)

Website -

Twitter - @CyberSocUoL

Email - cybersecurity@society.liverpoolguild[.]org

All of our activites are performed on Discord which is why we highly recommend you to install it on your phone :D (We will keep you up to date via #announcements)