24 Festival Drums

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We are a group of drummers who perform a unique drumming style from Malaysia. The society was founded by a
Malaysian drummer and has been going strong as the only group of its kind in Europe for 8 years from March 2011.
There's no musical experience necessary to join, so please come along and try out this unique opportunity!
The concept of the 24-Festival Drums was created by two talented Malaysians; Mr Tan Chai Puan, a cultural activist,
businessman, poet and cartoonist, and the late Mr Tan Hooi Song (passed away in August 2008), a renown musician
who was bestowed the Warisan Orang Hidup award, by the ministry for his role in creating the 24-Festival Drums.
They shared the same vision and, with missionary zeal, worked together to create the 24-Festival Drums in 1988.
The two based their creation on the 24 festivals in the lunar calendar of the Chinese agricultural community. With
each drum representing one festival, a full team completes the cycle of 24 festivals in the lunar calendar that for
thousands of years has guided the agricultural activities of the Chinese.
There are two bold Chinese characters written on each drum representing each of the 24 festivals. 'These are
integrated into an art form to pay tribute to our ancestors for their wisdom and contributions to natural science,' says
Tan Chai Puan.
The use of drums would create a festive mood and it is a traditional way of bringing out the rhythm of life.
On 14 Feb 2009, the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry listed it as a national cultural heritage in Malaysia.
It has a following in several countries (Singapore, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and the United States).



Email: 24Festivaldrums@society.liverpoolguild.org




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