hire a bike

Hire a LivCycle bike from us for a full academic year for just £60. Rates for other durations are also available. A £50 deposit will be needed to get your bike, but we will give this back to you when you return it. All bikes are serviced regularly by trained mechanics and come with a very sturdy D-lock for extra security. 

Providing an essential service throughout lockdown.

For more information email Dave Wheatley d.wheatley@liv.ac.uk or book a bike now at https://www.liverpoolguild.org/events/livcycle-bike-hire.

You can also hire a CityBike for a whole calendar year for £30, thanks to our Green Guild discount!

Simply quote discount code  CB/LIV/C/033 when registering.

Be Covid-safe and carry antiseptic wipes with you to clean hand grips, gear levers and brake levers etc when using hire bikes!

If you have your own bike then reduce the risk of it being stolen massively by getting a strong D-lock from the Guild shop at the special price of £12!

If your tyres need air then you can borrow a pump from the the Reception desk in the Guild, the Libraries and the Sports Centre.

Also to help cyclists there are showers and day lockers in the basement of the Guild.

Email Dave Wheatley, Green Guild Manager, for more details.

Has your flat tyre left you feeling deflated? Squeaky brakes getting on your nerves? Green Guild & Peloton Liverpool are here to help.

This term the Bikiosk has moved the Crown Place Car Park and is available for all your repair and service needs  every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am-4pm until the end of term.

Whether you need a new part, a small repair or a full M.O.T Peloton Liverpool, a local social enterprise aiming to deliver a better cycling experience in Liverpool, will be on hand to get your bike back on the road with unbeatable prices – don’t believe us then check the price list here.

To ensure safe distancing you will need to book an appointment in adance by simply calling the Peloton team on 07380 111226

Providing an essential service throughout lockdown!