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On the first floor of our building is a hidden gem, our beautiful roof garden with views across Liverpool. If you’re interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables or just soaking up the sun on our recycled chairs and tables, then pop up and give our garden a visit.

Our gorgeous gardens are run in conjunction with Farm Urban who house an Aquaponics system on our adapted Roof Garden above the Reilly Building. The Liverpool based company have designed and installed the Guild’s very own urban farm showcasing the latest in sustainable growing techniques. Growing healthy and resource efficient food for the Guild.

We also have raised beds - also known as 'HugelKultur' - at the Central Teaching Hub which provide opportunities to grow food in a sustainable way.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will be running a series of online events to satisfy your green fingers, look out for the sustainability themed give it a go events here

Email David Wheatley for more details or to get involved with any of these opportunities.