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Tue 16th April

Halls' Exclusive: Foraging Walk & Cooking Session
10am - 3pm
University Square
Harvest the best that nature has to offer!
Halls' Exclusive: Sewing Crash Course
5pm - 7pm
Library Room
Learn the basics of sewing!
Dover Court and Tudor Close HSCs Present: Mini Golf Trip!
6pm - 8pm
See description
Join Dover and Tudor HSCs for a Mini Golf trip!

Wed 17th April

Melville Grove HSC Presents: Trip to Frankie's Pottery Painting
2pm - 5pm
Meet in Melville Grove Courtyard
Join Melville Grove HSC for a Creative Painting Experience!!

Fri 19th April

Halls' Exclusive Litter Pick: Campus
2pm - 4pm
University Square
Look after your campus!

Thu 25th April

SALES CLOSED Tudor Close HSC Present: Trip to Philharmonic Hall
6:30pm - 10pm
Meet in Tudor Close Courtyard
Join Tudor HSC for a performance at the Philharmonic Hall!
Crown Place HSC presents: Movie Night!
7pm - 10pm
Gilmour Room (guild)
Join Crown Place HSC for a movie night!

Sat 27th April

Tudor Close & Vine Court HSCs Present: Trip to Llandudno!
9am - 7pm
Meet on University Square
Join Tudor and Vine HSCs for a trip to Llandudno!

Wed 1st May

Halls' Exclusive Crafternoon: Reusable Period Pad Workshop
5pm - 7pm
Vine Court Mezz
Make some cloth period pads!

Fri 3rd May

Halls' Exclusive Nature Walk: Hilbre Island
11am - 5pm
University Square
Enjoy a nature walk!

Tue 14th May

Halls' Exclusive Crafternoon: Plant Pot Painting & Herb Planting
1pm - 3pm
McAusland Room
Paint a plant pot!
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