Student officer updates

A home for everything the team are doing to support students with all the concerns you have as a result of COVID-19.


There’s strength in numbers, so your Student Officer team have joined forces with teams at John Moores Students’ Union and Liverpool Hope Student’s Union to collectively support the concerns of Liverpool students as a whole.

Big companies should take on the financial burden caused by COVID-19, rather than students.

So, the team have been contacting Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSAs) providers to make sure your voice is heard and urge them to limit the financial pressures and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Find out more here.

Private Landlords:

After releasing the statement asking PBSAs to protect their tenants, we received feedback from students calling out PBSAs and Private Rented Sector (PRS) landlords for not enacting any of the measures.

This is why we are now expanding our measures to all landlords in the PRS. Find out more here.

Track their progress

Following their open letter to PBSA’s the team has collated all of the providers they have currently contacted, their initial COVID-19 stance and any responses or outcomes we have received so far. Here you can easily track if your provider has been contacted and what they are currently doing to support their tenants View here.

Too many students are facing hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic; as teaching has been disrupted many of also be experience changes to employments and income that often supplements your student finance.

In response to this NUS have launched the Student Safety Net campaign, not to be confused with the University’s assessment policy, ensuring no one slips through the net in this crisis. In support of this we have joined forces with JMSU and Hope SU to tackle the issue of student debt and to protect your future!

Together, our three unions have written to our MPs in Liverpool, echoing the Student Safety sets and calling on our government to:

  1. Cancel student debt for the current academic year.
  2. Introduce a package of financial support for ALL students, which means creating a £60 million hardship fund.
  3. Maintenance grants need to be reintroduced
  4. Opportunities for employment need to be created.

We are calling upon our government to Cancel our Debt Not our Futures.:

View the full letter here. :

*Campaign Update 13.05.20: MPs Support the Campaign!

Following the letter that was sent on the 24th April, we are pleased to tell you that Paula Barker (MP Wavertree), Kim Johnson (MP Riverside) and Ian Byrne (MP West Derby) have thrown their weight behind the campaign and have written a letter to the Secretary of State for Education reiterating the need to cancel our debts and not our futures. We look forward to seeing where the campaign progresses from here!

Read the full update here


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