Wellbeing Queries

We appreciate that this is a particularly stressful time and want to reassure you that we are here to help, and support you. Our Advice Team are on hand with a digital-only service, offering wellbeing, housing, academic and financial advice through phone or online appointments. To access the service please email guildadvice@liv.ac.uk

Even though our building is closed, we are still here to help.


In line with government guidance, the Alsop Building is now closed however you can still access the support services wherever you are.

Student Services, including Counselling and Mental Health Advisory Service, and Student Welfare Advice & Guidance will continue to provide support and guidance to students via phone and email. Advisers are available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you would like to speak to an Adviser, please email advice@liv.ac.uk with your name and Student ID to request a telephone appointment and an Adviser will call you back. The university support are also utilising Microsoft Teams to make video calls to students who would like to speak to a friendly face.

For more information on how to download and access Microsoft Teams, please follow this link: www.liverpool.ac.uk/media/livacuk/computingservices/software/office365/uol-teams-quickstart-guide.pdf There is lots of support online. All students have access to self help modules through SilverCloud and Big White Wall. Big White Wall also have an article about managing your emotional wellbeing during the covid-19 outbreak. Student Minds also has a whole host of information to support you during this time.

If you have any questions about support available the Guild advice are still available via email at guildadv@liverpool.ac.uk If you want to talk to someone please do get in touch. Advisers are available via email, phone and Microsoft Teams.

If you are staying in halls the accommodation team will still be available to support you. The staffing levels will likely be reduced due to government guidelines but your safety and wellbeing are still really important.

If you have any questions about your accommodation you should contact your halls accommodation team.

You have the same access the student services as students who are not living on campus. You can email advice@liv.ac.uk to request an appointment with a wellbeing adviser.

If you have any questions about support available to you or queries about your accommodation Guild advice are still available via email at guildadv@liverpool.ac.uk If you want to talk to someone please do get in touch. Advisers are available via email, phone and Microsoft Teams.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, opinions and ‘fake news’ out there. Take a moment to think about whether reading all of this information is making you feel better or more stressed. For up to date and accurate information about covid-19 you can go to

GOV.UK - www.gov.uk/coronavirus

NHS - www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

The University is also updating their advice and guidance around covid-19 so keep an eye on your email and the University’s web page. This can be found here

The University does not require you to submit extenuating circumstances for anything relating to Covid-19. You should contact your department to update them about your circumstances.

If you have any questions about your extenuating circumstances or the response from your department please get in touch with a Guild adviser at guildadvice@liverpool.ac.uk

Advice on what you should do if you or a member of your household is experiencing symptoms can be found on the NHS.

If you become ill with an issue not relating to Covid – 19 are a key submission point, eg around assessments or exams, you will need to submit an extenuating circumstance claim to the University. Please get in touch with Guild Advice if this relates to you. We can support you by explaining the process and reviewing your claim.

The University campus and Guild building is closed but you are all still part of our community. We at the Guild are working on making sure that that we are still at the heart of this community, supporting students, developing students and fighting for the things that matter.

Government guidance is that everyone should stay at home unless they need to go out for essential food shopping, health reasons, exercising once a day or working in a key role.

It is really important that you are still looking after your mental health and wellbeing. You might want to consider:

Set up a routine

  • Try and get up at your usual time.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of time for breaks between studying.
  • Eat healthily and ensure you are planning regular, balanced meals Drink plenty of water!

Be active

  • You can go outside once a day for exercise such as walking, running or cycling. You should ensure you remain 2 meters away from other people
  • Try at home exercises such as yoga, living room workouts or stretches
  • Find an online exercise video that you enjoy
  • Join in! You can still exercise with people in your house or even virtually connecting with your friends and all working out together!

Get enough sleep

  • Try and stick to a regular routine with a set bedtime
  • You should be aiming for around 7 hours of sleep a day and more if you need it
  • If you are struggling with your sleep check out the Big White Wall’s course here

Stay connected

  • Check in on family and friends by just sending them a quick text message so they knew you’re thinking of them

Keep busy

  • The University has moved to online provision make sure you’re staying engaged with your studies, doing your reading and prepping for your assessments
  • Keep up with the hobbies that you enjoy; reading, playing music, online gaming
  • Learn a brand new hobby! Is there something that you’ve always wanted to try out? Maybe now is the time to learn how to knit, read the book you’ve always meant to or watch a documentary about something you know nothing about!

Be kind to yourself

It might seem like everyone is using this period to learn how to play the guitar, pen the next great novel, become Michelin star chefs…

This is a difficult time for everyone so just take care of yourself. Sometimes this will be learning a new skill and sometimes this will be taking time for yourself, relaxing and reminding yourself you are not alone.