Course Reps

Course Reps are the link between students across the University and our Student Officers. They work with staff and fellow students to improve the learning and teaching experience. Course Reps identify and discuss issues which affect their course and help to come up with solutions. All undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Liverpool have at least one Course Rep for each course year.

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  • Training – all course reps should attend the training we provide. This will give you a chance to develop your ideas on collecting student feedback, help you to become an effective bystander, learn how to chair a meeting and help you understand how you can get involved in quality at the University. You will also find out about all the support and advice we can offer you
  • Collecting feedback – As a course rep, you will actively find out the issues affecting students on your course. This involves effective communication by taking part in regular student forums and briefing meetings. We can help you think of new and innovative ways to collect feedback from your peers. We can also provide platforms such as Survey Hero for you to utilise.
  • Problem solving – During your time as course rep, you will meet with your Head of Department and identify an area where your programme is not doing as well as it should be, or an area where you would be interested to find out whether or not students are satisfied with their learning experience. From this you will get an opportunity to look into the area and suggest recommendations for the University to take forward.
  • Committee meetings – You will attend the relevant Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) and discuss any issues/ changes to the course this is your chance to feedback to the University and work with other course reps to obtain solutions. You will also attend any agenda setting meetings for students before the SSLC.
  • Support – Within the Guild you will be appointed a Student Voice Coordinator (SVC) who will support you throughout the year. You can arrange catch ups and attend regular 1:1s with the SVC to obtain information and support.
  • Experience of work in the Higher Education sector
  • Influence university decisions
  • Represent peers
  • Project planning
  • Communication skills
  • Formal accreditation – your role will be recognised on your Higher Education Achievement Report when you leave University.
  • Develop your own suggestions, by leading on an Enhancement Project in collaboration with other students and your Head of Department.

For most schools and departments, Course Rep recruitment will take place in October each year. During this first week of teaching, students are asked if they would like to volunteer as a Course Rep. There should then be a selection process or an election where the Course Reps for the year are confirmed before being recruited and added to the database by November 2021. We run a number of training session in October and November, you will be contacted about the sessions when you are elected into the position so keep an eye on your emails! It’s important you attend the training to gain the knowledge and skills to perform the role and meet other reps. Training is also compulsory to receive the HEAR accreditation

To become a Course Rep, contact your Course Leader to put your name forward within the first week of the academic year. If you have any questions or would like more support, please contact the student voice team by emailing