It’s time to refund student rents!

Wednesday 02-12-2020 - 15:05

We know the financial implications of COVID have been difficult for students, particularly when it comes to rent for accommodation. It is our job to fight for injustices you face, and so we have spent the last four months lobbying the University to share the financial burden by asking for the following demands:  

  1. Refund 35% of the rent paid from September to December 2020 

  1. Allow students to be released from University accommodation rent contracts if they wish so 

  1. Refund 100% of rent for the weeks during the travel window before Christmas 

  1. Remove 100% of rent for the weeks during the staggered return to campus dates between January and February 2021. 

You can read more about our thoughts on University accommodation and the demands we have set out here.

We had one win – the University has agreed to release students from University rent contracts if they wish to be. We are waiting on more details from the University about this, so will share more information very soon. However, after countless meetings and forums, the University has made it clear that they won’t be changing their position on the other three demands. We are disappointed with the decision, and while we know the University has made efforts to support students, we feel it is unfair to leave you footing 100% of the cost for accommodation when many of you won’t even be living in between Christmas and February 2021. We therefore have no other choice but to launch our Refund the Rent campaign and need support from you, the very students affected by this, to show the university just how important an issue it is. 

Sign the Refund the Rent petition in support of our campaign here 

By throwing your weight behind Refund the Rent, we hope the University will listen up and take action – setting the precedent for other accommodation providers to follow suit. This is the first stage of our work, and we will continue to do everything we can to reduce the financial burden students are facing and get you the support you rightfully deserve. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for more updates. 

If you need any additional support in the meantime, please email our advice team at to arrange an appointment.  

Adnan, Imogen, Chloe and Ffion - Student Officer team 2020-21.


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