Elections Season 2022

Monday 21-03-2022 - 09:00
Vote now article

Voting is now open in the Student Officer Elections and Society Elections 2022!


12 candidates are in the running to the next Guild President and it’s down to you to decide who steps into Bertie’s shoes and leads the Guild for the next 12 months.

Take a look at the candidates and cast your vote now.


The Technical Info

How to vote:

  • Click here to "Vote Now"
  • Log into our website using the big purple button and entering your University username and password
  • You will then be taken to the Elections page and will be able to view all the Elections you are eligible to vote in.
  • The Student Officer Elections uses Single Transferable Vote; you can rank the candidates in order of your preference, number one being your most preferred candidate. You can rank as many as you would like to, it does not have to be all of them.

Who can vote?

Students who can vote in the Student Officer Election are full members and have full access to our services.

This includes:

  • Liverpool Undergraduate students
  • based Postgraduate students (both taught and research) and
  • Intercalating Medical students (including those studying at a different institution).

Students who cannot vote and have access to a selection of our services are known as our associate members.

This includes:

  • ERASMUS students
  • Foundation College students
  • International exchange students
  • Cayman Islands Law School students
  • Laureate (online) students.

To vote in the Society Elections, you must be a registered member of a society who is running their election through the Guild website and if you're a full member of the Guild

Having trouble voting?

Close the page, open a new one, and follow the vote steps above. If you are eligible to vote but are having issues voting, please email: guildweb@liv.ac.uk

Got an elections question? Take a look at our FAQs to help you get Elections Ready!


Society Elections 2022

As well as Student Officer Elections, the Guild are also giving you the opportunity to decide who leads your society to another amazing year of events, activities and socials. If your society is running an election with the Guild this week, they will appear on your ballot paper alongside the Student Officer Elections, it couldn’t be easier to have your say!

Having issues voting in your society election? Email saadmin@liv.ac.uk

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your say. Voting is open until 2pm on Friday 25.03



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