Call out sexual harassment and assault

Monday 16-11-2015 - 09:00
Call it out

We know sexual harassment and assault is a problem for students. It’s become a normal part of our culture. It’s not just groping, pinching, or smacking that’s a problem - unwanted sexual comments, jokes, gestures songs, cat calling and wolf whistling are also an issue. These actions are all too often trivialised and ignored – we won’t tolerate it, and neither should you.

Through our Call It Out campaign – led by President Harry Anderson and Vice President Emma Sims – we will challenge this culture head on by encouraging people who witness assault and harassment to call it out - whenever and wherever they see it.

Over the next week, we will be taking Call It Out online and encouraging you to show you support. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Send us a #CallItOut selfie on Instagram (@LiverpoolGuild) to show your commitment.  Your face will then automatically appear on our Call It Out minisite for all to see, as part of an online collage of students who are backing the campaign.
  • Watch our Call It Out video. Take a few minutes to find out more about the campaign, the reasons for it, and see the students and staff who got involved to help kick start our change in culture around the issue.

If you see or experience sexual harassment and/or assault yourself, here’s how to Call It Out:

  • Speak directly to the perpetrator
  • Contact the Police – 999 for emergency cases, 101 for non-emergency cases
  • Contact Safeplace Merseyside on 0151 295 3550.

For more information about the Call It Out campaign, or to get more involved, please contact Harry Anderson or Emma Sims.

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