Student Officer Elections

Which four will it be? Here's the candidates who have put themselves forward to be part of your Student Officer team 2018/19. The four who are elected will lead our organisation and represent you to make sure your time at university is the best it can be. You can vote for your preferred candidates from 9am on Monday 5th March until 2pm on Friday 9th March.

Please click on each image to view their manifesto - please note these appear as they have been submitted, the Guild have not edited or amended in any way.



Farrah Talsi


My name is Farrah Talsi and my manifesto is simple. I wish to Enable, Empower, Envisage a better experience for all students at our University. I pledge to:

Society Space and budgets

Enable students to get the most out of their societies. Whether through ‘Spend It’ or ‘Change It’ societies are lacking funds for transportation and/or equipment. By developing an easier process to apply for these funds and increasing travel budget related to their activities, will ensure students are enhancing their experience as members.

As well as this, I will utilise the guild space available for societies and its members by improving plans for society usage with a focus on development of social space, study areas and multi-faith rooms.

‘No hidden costs’ programme

Empower students to make an informed decision by highlighting unexpected costs. I will work to provide full transparency of hidden course costs by guaranteeing these are included in prospectuses and course handbooks.This will ensure that students can enroll in courses with prior knowledge of how much it is going to cost.

Employability services and Academic Advisors

Envisage a better, supported future. As students, inconsistencies with academic advisors mean we are lacking rapport which affects references for future employment.

I will partner with the University to review its system and create a plan to ensure students are well supported by academic advisors. By developing a graduate plan, students can easily acquire future references when needed.


Lucy Pilling


I have a genuine passion for activism and the ability to create action and change, shown through my work as president of Feminist Society (society of the year), NUS women’s delegate and organiser of Exhibitchin’ (fundraiser club nights for Merseyside’s rape crisis centre), I believe it is vital that we have women’s representation in the student office to ensure equality on campus.

Improving academic support.

  • Improving the mitigating circumstances system by allowing students to apply and submit evidence retrospectively, ensuring inclusivity of students with mental health problems, and offering more information on evidence, such as explicitly including sexual assault in the evidence list.
  • Enabling students to choose their academic advisor to provide better relationships between students and their department.
  • Encouraging departments to promote representation in academia by including work about and by marginalised groups, such as BME, LGBT+ people and women.

Tackling rape and sexual assault and ensuring support for survivors.

  • Creating an informative and inclusive anti-sexual misconduct campaign, introducing counsellors and therapists trained on sexual assault support within the university counselling service, workshops for bystanders and encouraging students to pledge to tackle sexual assault.
  • Outside of campus, I will ensure nightclubs deal with instances of sexual misconduct fairly, through training their staff on the correct protocol and encouraging clubs to condemn it further.
  • A ‘safer travel’ app will be created to make travelling around Liverpool safer via students using their university login for legitimacy.

Creating a more sustainable, inclusive and accessible campus.

  • Sustainability through creating a permanent free shop for students to donate and take from.
  • Accessibility for disabled students through making sure campus is accessible as possible and introducing more automatic doors, such as on disabled toilets.
  • Inclusivity through making sure all students are included in Guild and University life, focussing on marginalised, mature, post-graduate and commuting students.

Mary Otasowie


I’m Mary and I want to be a Student Officer. The past three years at UoL have shaped me as a person and been so amazing; getting to study abroad in Canada and representing two sports teams are some of my highlights.

Previously, I was a youth councillor in my town and elected Youth Mayor of Southend-on-Sea; representing the views of my peers is a passion of mine and that experience will come in handy when running campaigns and gathering opinions.

I want to be able to give back by representing the views of the student body and campaigning to improve your overall experience; I love hearing the views of different people and know that I will work my hardest to make positive changes.

If I am elected, I aim to do the following:

1. Set up a Liverpool Students Culture Fest

  • Being of a Nigerian heritage myself there is a lot of tradition and culture that I don’t always get the chance to share with people and I feel this is the same with different ethnic groups too. Setting up a festival will allow collaboration between different societies and all students can come along and learn something new!

2. Increase the availability of bike parking on campus and promote the sustainability initiatives of the Guild

  • This would include trying to make key places in the city more bike-friendly and offering the use of bike pumps (e.g. cafes).

3. Make a user-friendly University E-calendar (one for departments and for social activities).

  • This will allow students to more easily attend different lectures during the 2-week module change period and identify clashes
  • On the social side, it will allow students to get involved with new societies and sports easier as conflicting sessions would be highlighted.



Hannah Nguyen

I AM Hannah Nguyen

As co-president of Help the Homeless Society, one of the guild’s largest societies, and a committee member for People and Planet Society, I have demonstrated my ability to lead and my dedication to affecting change. I am committed to:


I want to crack down on student landlords by implementing a rating system whereby students can review landlords and blacklist those who should be avoided. By holding landlords accountable for unjust behaviour, I hope that unfinished houses, unsafe conditions and unfair deposit losses will cease to be common experiences amongst student tenants.


1 in 4 students experience mental health issues, it’s likely we all know someone struggling. In recent years the dialogue around mental health has gotten better but stigma remains and there is a general lack of understanding as to how anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder etc. manifest. I want to run a campus-wide campaign and offer workshops to educate and equip students to spot warning signs and support their friends.


Liverpool University currently invests in the arms trade and fossil fuel industries despite simultaneously promoting peace and sustainable innovation. The People and Planet Society pressured the university to change its weak ethical investment policy. As a student officer, I will further enforce this pressure on the university to align its working practices with the values of its students.


We have over 200 societies who do amazing things, yet they all struggle to engage the wider student population. I want to support our lovely societies by creating a Guild app so that students can easily pay their membership, get notifications for society events and socials, and find volunteering opportunities. It may also be used to engage with student officers.

Facebook Link:







Emma Hart

Hi! I’m Emma, I’m a final year Marketing student and I’d love to represent you as your student officer!

Throughout my three years in Liverpool I’ve been involved in a range of campaigns and projects with the aim of enacting change. My experiences as an activist have proven incredibly useful and impactful in founding and co-ordinating the Oxfam Society, which is new this year. If elected, I would commit myself to listening to and working for the specific changes that YOU want, starting with these:

  • Inspiring sustainability: As students in a progressive city we should be setting the standard when it comes to environmental sustainability! I propose the expansion of the Green Guild to create a more inclusive space where students from all subjects can collaborate to produce innovative solutions to sustainability problems. The principles of the Leave Liverpool Tidy project should be used to establish a permanent and interactive ‘free-cycling’ space, where students can donate and exchange goods to promote responsible consumption. To encourage sustainable and conscientious food-sourcing, a more substantial student garden should be made accessible.
  • Creating a stronger relationship between the University and wider community: With the recent expansion and financial investments in Liverpool, we risk losing its creative and individual spirit. I will campaign for development companies to respect our cultural and historical heritage and encourage the support of independent, local venues. I would build stronger links with local businesses to increase the availability of Liverpool-based work placements and provide more collaborative opportunities between students and wider community projects.
  • Society funding: I believe all sports societies should receive equal funding, regardless of gender and length of establishment. In addition, I would encourage more collaboration between societies where larger and more ambitious goals can be realised in solidarity.



Jonathon Foster

I'm a final year student studying Business Management with Law, currently the Senate Rep for Humanities and Social Sciences. I want to carry this work further to make sure that every student at the University of Liverpool has a better experience!


The current timetabling system is flawed for many reasons – this needs fixing. I will work with the University to improve the timetabling system, which means your life will be easier because you’ll get your semester timetables earlier and get your exam timetables earlier!


Student support is a huge part of getting the most out of your degree. Currently, the University has a mentoring system that’s underused and lacks organisation. I want to revamp mentoring, in which volunteers can mentor peers which will not only improve overall grades, but mentors will also get recognition on their HEAR record for taking part. This could also include facilities such as a drop-in maths and stats clinic, allowing you to get help on the problem you can’t solve.

Improve University Online Systems:

VITAL, Liverpool-Life, and the intranet are all difficult to navigate, and often crash unexpectedly. I want to update and improve these systems to give you a better experience.

Free Car Parking for Students in the Evenings and at Weekends:

Getting to campus in the evenings and weekends can be a struggle, making it harder to get involved in societies and get the most out of Uni. By introducing free car parking for students at these times, you will be able to get involved more easily and safely!

To get the most from your time at Uni, VOTE FOSTER FOR GUILD PRESIDENT!


Joe Ferguson


I'm Joe, I'm super friendly and I want to be Student Officer next year!

I was President of Amnesty International, Founder of People and Planet, NUS LGBT+ Delegate and most likely found in BaaBar.

Here are some of my ideas:


Last year, issues about representation arose around the Student Officer positions, with men having the entirety of the positions available. Therefore, I would propose that we create two new paid positions for LGBT+ and Women within the Guild structure. By creating these roles, we ensure that the University consistently provides a platform for these often marginalised groups.


The University in the past year has been looking at its investment portfolio and, with students like myself pressuring them, they are deciding whether to divest from the fossil fuel industry. This is a huge step but it's one of many necessary to create an ethical investment policy within the University. Therefore, I would use the office to actively push the University to go a step further and divest from the arms trade.


This is a hot topic at Universities all over the country and Liverpool is no different. As students under constant pressure from deadlines, anxiety and stress is prevalent. At present, the typical student will be limited to 5 sessions at the counselling service. Our University has a duty to us, to provide mental health services which are effective and freely available. Therefore, I would push for the University to increase their funding of mental health. I'm aware that mental health is a stalwart of many student manifestos but its relevance to the welfare of the student community means that we, as students, must keep continuous pressure on the University to improve.

Facebook Link:







Alice Arnstein

My name is Alice, and I’m a third year History student. I’ve been part of the badminton club since day 1, in my second year became women’s team captain, and this year I’m the president overseeing the running of the 5 teams and whole club along with others in the committee.

Organisation, communication and persuasion have been key in this role. I’m also a member of the feminist society, and last October I shaved off my hair and raised over £1000 for charities close to my heart. I’ve also cycled into university daily, as well as coming to terms with my depression.

With these experiences at university and beyond, here are my goals to achieve as a Guild Student Officer:

  • Host a party at least every 4 weeks, where all profits go to a Liverpool-based charity – such as Whitechapel or RASA
  • Encourage mandatory talks for all key figures within societies and AU on ways to tackle the issue of sexual harassment and sexism
    • As well as this, I believe mental wellbeing needs to be discussed and understood further to put our university at the national forefront in support of students’ wellbeing
  • Work together with nightclubs to confront the issue of sexual harassment
    • (I know that there are certain clubs I avoid because of this problem)
  • Engage more fully with the AU committee, encouraging a closer working relationship between athletes and the Guild
    • Get AU nights back in the Guild
  • Promote bike usage and road safety
    • As there is no test for cycling and not everyone has taken a driving test, it is important for bike users to understand their rights and responsibilities on the road
    • Also promote the Guild’s bike rental scheme
  • Place more recycling bins around campus and promote sustainability, especially within the Guild

Tor Smith

After (almost) four years of study, spending more time on campus than in any of my student houses, fighting for the improvement of students lives and generally messing about on stage, I'd like to say I'm qualified for Student Officer. But as much as I've lead a variety of societies, ran a number of successful campaigns and spent more time in the Guild than is healthy, it's more important what I would intend to do, so here are my manifesto pleges:

1. I want to improve mental health provisions on campus. At least 1 in 4 students suffer from some sort of mental health problem, and the provisions on campus are under massive stress. I want to lobby the university to put more money into student mental health and to streamline the services to get you where you need to go as fast as possible.

2. Societies often have difficulties getting the space that they need for their activities and events. I want to work with the Guild to make sure that all societies can access the spaces that they need, and work on creating access to more spaces so that every group can host all the events, sessions and activities they want.

3. There is such a rich range of cultures and backgrounds on our campus, and I want to celebrate that with a series of culturally themed events, club nights and parties celebrating cultures from around the world, promoting inclusion, understanding and a good night out. As your Student Officer, I want to be someone you can come to with any issue and will help you resolve it.

So, remember, if you Want More? Vote Tor


Esther Bukoye

I'm a final year Law student who's passionate about change. So if you Want BETTER? Vote ESTHER.

EDUCATION: Affordable Books with Pass The Book

  • It's my plan once in office to collaborate with the library and PROMOTE ‘Pass the Book’ (PTB) before enrolment at university and after exams, through leaflets, emails and a social media campaign. Rather than risk going broke buying from Blackwells, students can purchase and sell affordable books online from their peers.
  • I will ensure PTB is diversified to include books from ALL departments, by incentivising students through the Loyalty Plus Scheme (like a Tesco Card). For every book placed on the website, students can accrue points on their card to spend in university facilities like the Sphinx and Guild Courtyard.

EXPERIENCE: Discounted Driving

  • One of the most valuable life experiences you can have - is Driving.
  • My plan is to make driving lessons affordable for students, by bringing together the relevant parties and facilitating a partnership that will result in students attaining discounted driving experience whilst at university. In the Wirral, a similar successful partnership was formed with Birkenhead 6th Form College and a driving school.
  • YOUR votes will make affordable driving achievable at Liverpool.


  • I will make information on housing rights more accessible by video recording housing talks and publish them on an online platform. So, ALL students become aware of their rights.
  • I intend to produce a 'Know Your Rights' booklet containing LEGAL rights students are entitled to REGARDLESS of whether or not it is stated in your contract, so students do not settle for inadequate situations such as mouldy rooms.
  • I intend to start word of mouth recommendations via blogs/vlogs with final year students who've had a great experience living in their house and want to share their experience.

Facebook Link:


Noura Qusairy

As an NUS delegate and involved with various activities of representing students across the university to improve their experience, I have displayed leadership qualities and more importantly commitment to social justice.

My Commitments:

Mental health:

University experience could be tough for sometimes which could lead to students struggling with mental health issues, and as a potential officer, I aim to improve mental health services by increasing drop-in hours.

In addition, this year as an NUS delegate I have ensured that the subject of loneliness is represented and resolved on a national scale at the annual national union conference. I pledge to work to combat isolation on campus and create a more inclusive campus.

Graduate jobs:

To increase the chances to be accepted for graduate jobs. As most companies prefer experienced skilled employees. I aim to add a variety of workshops for various subjects that offer students the chance to apply their knowledge into practice, giving them valuable skills and experience.

Student integration:

increasing social integration between international and UK students through a buddy program giving international students the chance to settle into Liverpool with a welcome from student volunteers who can show them around the city. Not limited to international students, I also aim to develop community cohesion through network building which can positively impact on student wellbeing.

Student feedback:

To enhance students' feedback by ensuring that tutors are giving more in-depth, and detailed feedback.


To increase the chances for students to be inclusive in the extracurricular experience and get more HEAR-able activities to boost their CV


Aaron Furman

My first duty as your president will be the improvement of the pastoral care system in each school and the counselling service. The aim of this is to help students with their mental health and process their grief or abuse, whilst still wanting to achieve their university degree.

From first hand experience I see that the quality of mental care service needs changing, instead of an evaluation session, where one opens their heart to a councillor only to be either rejected or sent to another councillor, is wrong. All students should be able to access the service no matter their individual case and be assigned only one councillor from the start.

Speaking to the management schools pastoral care team, they were promised a 3x budget increase they have yet to see. Their should be more then enough money with student fees increasing 3x. However, the Vice-chancellor dodges their questions instead building new international accommodation, they are not focused on the need for improving already established facilities and services. For example, go upstairs in the student union and you will find incomplete rooms with no-one working to finish them, walls needing to be plastered and floors put in.

Therefore, another one of my duties as your president is to keep the promises the university has made to their students and staff. We need to complete the rooms that were promised. We also need to give the staff the budget to help us students for fill our potential at the University of Liverpool. We also need to impove the pastrol care and counselling serivce.


Rory Hughes

I’m Rory Hughes, your current Vice-President and a Labour Party activist. I’m seeking re-election so that your Guild can build a campus For the Many Not the Few.

This Year:

Cheaper Buses:

When I was elected, I pledged to work with Liverpool’s Labour Metro Mayor to end the extortionate cost and shoddy service that Arriva provide Liverpool students. The campaign is almost finished! Re-elect me and there WILL BE a much cheaper, better 699.

Free Education:

I’ve led campaigns on the streets outside Parliament and on our own campus to fight against ever-rising tuition fees and for the reinstatement of bursaries.

Mental Health:

Demand on our university’s Counselling Service has doubled in the past 5 years. I’ve lobbied for extra funding and worked to increase free access to our Campus Sports Centre for students struggling with their mental health.

Halls Fire Safety:

Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, I worked alongside Merseyside Fire Department to ensure the safety of all high-rise halls in Liverpool.

Next Year:


The average rent in our halls of residence is almost double that of the private rented sector in Liverpool. Our university is profiting from student poverty - enough is enough. Time to CUT THE HALLS RENT.

Free Educational Psychologist Assessments:

Liverpool students seeking support with dyslexia are forced to first pay between £300-600 for a diagnostic assessment. Our university used to cover the cost. Every student has a right to all the support they need to flourish. I will ensure the fund is reinstated.

Hardship Fund:

The ever-rising costs of being a student at UoL means that students are increasingly seeking emergency support from our University Hardship Fund. I will campaign to secure and increase the budget of the Hardship Fund, so that no student is left struggling.


Ruth Ransom

I am a 3rd year History and Politics student, secretary of the History Society Committee and a member of the Politics society committee. If you are part of the department then I have already been representing your views as I am a student rep, taking your issues to the department and seeing real change. I am committed to environmental issues and making time to talk to you and gather student views. I also know that being veggie and vegan is on the rise and the guild needs to adapt to the changing demographics of students. Personally, I have experienced this because I am gluten free and trying to eat at the guild is difficult, as there are very few options.

My manifesto promises are:

  • I will dedicate an hour a week of my time to students. I will have an open-door policy. This will be a time where I will listen to concerns and ideas of students and societies and try to make change. I’m really open minded and will listen to anyone that comes through the door, no matter how long you are hear for or what year you are.
  • I am committed to making it easier to make environmentally friendly choices, including more water fountains, more cycle parking and more recycling bins on campus not just in buildings. I want to look into making the guild shop better, with more environmentally friendly packaged food.
  • I want to make food on campus more accessible. This includes adding spaces to eat along with more options for those with dietary requirements. I will look into opening more spaces with tables to sit during busy times and extending the time that the Sphinx serves food.

Fun Fact: I am always available to talk about Eurovision