Yasmin Gasimova, Vice President

Yasmin Gasimova, Vice President

Background: Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, just finished her second year in Computer Science and Philosophy.

My passion: Dogs, memes and environmental socialism.

Best quote I’ve heard: “Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: freedom for the slave owners.” – Melania Trump.

Favourite thing about the Guild: The way it genuinely enriches students' experiences at this university

My priorities: Addressing mental health on campus, relieving students from academic and financial stress, supporting students from deprived and marginalised backgrounds and improving the environmental impact of the university.

My plans and progress so far:

Last October we celebrated Black History Month with film screenings, discussions and a wall display celebrating Black inspirational figures.

We celebrated World Mental Health Day with mind apples, colouring and a chill out zone.

We are currently celebrating LGBT+ History Month with films screenings, a talk from the co-founder of UK Black Pride, workshops and a social.

I will be contributing to the University's Access Agreement, in overlooking their goals for the academic year of 2018/19..

We are celebrating University Metal Health Day with a week of activities including workshops on helping friends and family with mental illnesses, mental health workshops for liberation groups, a talk on mental health in Higher Education and a display of artwork from people on what mental health means for them

I am working with the University to review the ethics of its investments, in particular regarding fossil fuel companies and arms trade companies.





Contact Details

Email: ygasimov@liverpool.ac.uk