Hannah Nguyen - Deputy President

Hannah Nguyen, Vice President

Name: Hannah Nguyen

Birth place: Nottingham

Random fact about yourself: I love cooking. Food brings people together!

Favourite Emoji: Smiley face

Best quote you’ve heard: “We are all healers of the world. It's not about healing the world by making a huge difference. It's about healing the world that touches you, that's around you” - Krista Tippett

Who would play you in a film: I can’t think of many Asian actresses – maybe this question will be easier to answer when there’s better representation in mainstream media.

Main priority for year at the Guild: In addition to working on everything I have outlined in my manifesto, I want to get more students involved in campaigning and volunteering. 

Contact Details

Following the collaborative efforts of the Guild and student activists, the University have a new ethical investment policy that includes divestment from companies that derive more than 10% of their revenue from the manufacture or sale of armaments. However, the University still has links with arms companies such as BAE and Rolls-Royce (there’s more to RR than cars…) through research contracts and careers fairs.

This year, NUS have launched Totum – a new app that works in conjunction with the Totum card (the new NUS extra card). Totum is free to download from the app store and is linked to the Guild website so you can now access student discounts, join societies, and keep up with society events in once place.

Last month we marked Refugee Action Week with panel events, film screenings, an installation of Banu Cennetoglu’s ‘The List’ and a football game with a local refugee team - The Ullet Road Rebels. Although the week is over, you can still get involved in Refugee campaigns through our societies (STAR, Amnesty and Help the Homeless).

This campaign is being planned – look out for materials soon.

We are running a campaign to address harassment on campus and online. So far, we have delivered bystander training to society committee members and course reps to encourage our student leaders to be active bystanders. Throughout the rest of the year we will be working to increase awareness of how to report harassment to the University and get support.

We held a student forum with the Paula Harrison-Woods (Director of Student Administration and Support) and Julia Purvis (Head of Student Services) where you told the University directly what kind of support students want. The Guild will be running more activities around mental health and wellbeing over the rest of the year.

Email: hannah.nguyen@liverpool.ac.uk