Chloe Field, Vice President

Chloe Field, Vice President

  • Tackling sexual assault and improving the support survivor’s receive from the University during and outside of complaints processes
  • Drug harm reduction – making sure students are educated on the drugs they are taking and introduce the ability to test the purity of illicit drugs
  • Make it easier for students to find part time jobs during their studies
  • Educate students on their workplace and renters rights

Supporting students through the financial difficulties COVID has presented, by asking the University to agree to a list of demands. More info here.

The inequalities of online teaching – 19.11.20

This group meets twice a year to go through applications for the Asylum Seeker’s Bursary. An Asylum Seeker’s Bursary for Undergraduate courses was introduced in 2017, this covers tuition fees and maintenance with some students offered accommodation in halls. Currently, the asylums seeker’s bursary has been increased from £20,000 to £40,000 and funding has been secured to support two PhD students who became Asylum Seekers mid-studies.

I am aiming to ensure that the maximum number of bursaries are given out to applicants and encourage increasing support for asylum seekers.

The Data Improvement Programme was set up to establish a University-wide approach to how we collect, store and use institutional data. The University has committed to only sharing the data with authorised staff, is highly secure, and will only be used for what students have agreed to, such as the improvement of students’ wellbeing and experience.

I will make sure student’s data is well protected at the University and protect the right to privacy.

This group established the University’s equality steering action plans, one for students and one for staff. The student focused plan addresses underrepresentation of student groups on undergraduate programmes.

I will be ensuring that not underrepresented group is forgotten and I will emphasis the need to tackle issues such as racial and class attainment gaps.

The role of the Gift Oversight Group is to consider due diligence is undertaken on potential donors, donations and fundraising advocates as per the University’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

I will ensure the gifts which the University receive, are from ethical groups or individual.

The University consult with the Guild on rent setting for future academic years at this meeting. This did not previously take place until a former Student Officer’s ‘Cut the Rent’ campaign which won students a ‘memorandum of understanding,’ more details on this here.

I am very keen to keep up previous student officers’ work in reducing rent costs, which remain high, and to prevent accommodation prices rising.

This committee forms the strategic relationship between the University and the Guild. It monitors and signs off the Guild’s reporting and accounts such as the Student Voice Report, which reviews issues and feedback from Course Reps. This committee acts as a forum to discuss university and Guild joint campaigns and activity.

This committee reviews the University’s investment strategy and oversees the University Endowment Fund. Four fund managers are tasked with investing money in order to generate a profit for the University. Former Student Officer used this committee to the success of the Fossil Free campaign, read more here.

I will make sure the University strictly follow the Ethical Investments Policy and fulfil the target to completely divest money from fossil fuel industries.

This committee is responsible for addressing issues and supporting the delivery of upgrades or improvements to learning and teaching spaces. They ensure that the University’s identity is ingrained in the design values and themes creating a recognisable brand.

Liverpool Student Homes is a student accommodation service that is funded by University of Liverpool, John Moores University and Hope University. The group includes members from different universities who report on the service in their respective campuses.

I will represent student renters and make sure the needs of landlords aren’t prioritised over the needs of tenants.

This committee has oversight of the three Service Units based in the North West region: Liverpool University Royal Naval Unit (LURNU); Liverpool University Officer Training Corps (LOTC); and Liverpool University Air Squadron (LUAS).

Focusing on post-graduate research students, this committee oversees any proposed changes to post-graduate policies, for example assessment or recruitment and has an active engagement with mental wellbeing of post-graduate students, for example, funding the PGR Mental Health & Well Being Catalyst Project to take place in the Liverpool Doctoral College.

Last year, a policy was put through which means if a student has major modifications on their thesis, they still have an opportunity to pass by working with their supervisor. This policy has come into force which will be beneficial for post-graduate research students going forward.

This committee monitors the University’s compliance with the Prevent Duty.

This committee oversees the development and implementation of strategies, policies and frameworks designed to promote research at international and world-leading standards across all disciplines in the University.

The Safe and Welcoming Campus Environments Project addresses sexual violence on campus and other issues students may face that make them unsafe. Bystander Intervention training was developed and supported through this group. The priorities for the upcoming year are; hate crime, purple flag, online harassment, and racism.

As a big part of my campaign work is about tackling sexual assault and violence, I am very keen to use this committee to help increase safety on campus.

Senate is one of the highest decision-making bodies at the University and is responsible for promoting research, promoting and regulating learning and teaching, and for maintaining the quality of standards of the University’s academic provision.

The group was initially formed as a collaborative campaign which now meets to discuss city wide and University campaigns around sexual violence in the night time. This community group includes representatives from Liverpool City Council, Sefton Council, RASA, Merseyside Policy, LJMU, JMSU, UoL and the Guild. The group also support implementing specific training for workers in the night time economy.

This committee will be a good vehicle for me to help move the city towards a zero tolerance attitude in the city against sexual assault and violence.

This is a cross organisational group which includes all the Universities and city partners to discuss city wide safety campaigns.

As safety is a big part of my campaigns to do with drug harm reduction and also tackling sexual assault, I will be aiming to extend these city wide in this group.

The Future Success strand of the Student Success Strategy addresses the University’s institutional aim to ensure that ‘all students have space and opportunity to build their intellectual, social and cultural capital for the future’.

A bridge between the Guild campaign and work with the University in committing to drug harm reduction. This group was set-up by a Student Officer.

I will be working with Adnan in this group to move away from a zero tolerance attitude towards drugs and to progress towards reducing the harm caused to students through drug taking.

Discussing and leading on the University’s sustainable approaches, the group facilitates the sustainable activities on campus and partners with Guild and city-wide campaigns. The University’s annual Sustainability Report is discussed at this group.

The University Hardship Fund (UHF) is available to provide support for home students experiencing financial difficulty. The aim of the fund is to relieve financial hardship that might impact on a student’s participation at University. Students who have applied for the Non-Standard Awards are reviewed at this panel.

I will be ensuring that no student falls down the cracks and miss out on the hardship fund, along with making sure students receive as much money as they need.