Adnan Hussain, President

Adnan Hussain, President

In creating the #GuildConnection, I will bridge the gap between the student body and the Guild through social and digital media. I will look to use the Guild’s social media channels to effectively promote society activity, student-led campaigns and Student Officer wins. Societies too must be seen throughout the year instead of just at Welcome stands; I will create opportunities for societies to display what they are up to throughout the year

With the help of the Guild marketing team, I have created Officer profiles that sit in the courtyard so you can see what our plans are for the year. Provided input into showcasing what societies are up to for the year on Instagram stories/post. I have started exploring ways in which we can make societies more visible throughout the year.

In 2018, an NUS survey recorded that 56% of students had experimented with drugs at some point in their lives. Some students try drugs without knowing the risks or how to reduce them. This campaign aims to educate students on the impact of mixing drugs & alcohol, provide information on how to help a friend in an emergency, and share resources on how to reduce the risks when taking drugs or consuming alcohol. I will look to challenge the current perception of students who take drugs, ensuring students battling addiction are better supported.

Currently creating a new committee, this Harm Reduction Sub Group will explore ways in which the Guild and University can work together in creating a safer environment for students in the night time. I am also exploring methods of safe drug testing, so students are able to identify what else their might be in their substances.

The Gym Premium membership here costs £220 a year for students or £208 for the academic year. That is £23 a month, when you could go to Pure Gym for £14. You cannot even pay a monthly subscription at Liverpool. It is unfair that this is restricted when students are paying a substantial amount for tuition fees and now have to pay to use a sports facility that our fellow Liverpool Students at John Moores get free. I will campaign for a cheaper monthly fee gym that will benefit all of our students.

I had created a paper that was presented at Guild Liaison Sub-Committee, a chance for University and Guild representatives to meet about common issues on campus. The outcome of the meeting led to this issue being implemented into a wider University strategy, ensuring that it will be a priority for student success.

Furthering the previous work on offering cheaper bus travel for students, I will offer an alternative bus provider to the current bus pass supplied by Arriva, providing a better service for students to get to campus.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to pursue this. Instead I am working on improving the quality of the 699 busses, to guarantee enough busses at peak times of the student day.

Let’s bring student nights back to the heart of campus. Giving a platform to student DJs, I want to create a night out that is ran by students, for students. These events will support a society, cause or charity of student choice. If you are keen on getting involved please get in touch @presidentadnan on Instagram or email.

Currently there are few Halal Food options for students to pick-up whilst at University; I will work alongside campus food providers, and the Guild, to increase the availability of Halal Food.

Contacted the Subway at Vine Court to start lobbying for a switch in meat supplier.

Currently, Smithdown residents and students are often at tension with each other. I would like to work with the local Council to explore how students and the local area can work together. Potential joint events between Students and locals can help build relationship and a sense of community.

The Guild is a place where students can come and relax in-between lectures or after a day in the library. In order to offer something new to the Guild’s social space, I will look to install retro game consoles in the Courtyard.

Currently, planning the logistics in having Games consoles in the Guild.

If you would like to donate any old game consoles please get in touch.

This year I will be working with the AU President, Thomas Lathrope, working on ways to tackle extreme laddish behaviour with the eventuality of AU nights returning at the Guild.

I have been working with the AU committee during semester 1 around the issues highlighted above. This work is continuing and ongoing to create a better atmosphere during AU nights.

This committee oversees university processes for academic standards. They look at all of the university processes in place, such as how the university forms practical decisions regarding courses, and ensures that they are robust, consistent, transparent and reviews any proposed changes to processes.

Adnan - At this committee, I will ensure the university are prioritising fair and accessible standards for courses.

This working group reviews the University’s assessment and feedback policies and practices to enhance effectiveness, consistency, and equity. The group also monitors the Code of Practice on Assessment and the PGR Code of Practice. In 2018, the committee supported changes of the university’s Late Penalties policy led 2018/19 Guild President Rory Hughes. Find out more here.

Adnan Hussain & Dylan Thomson - At the Assessment and Feedback Working Group we will ensure that any changes being made have gone through student consultation.

This is the trustee board of the University and its most senior decision-making body. Everything goes through Council and its sub-committees (planning and resources, governance and appointments, honorary degrees).

Adnan Hussain – at council I will ensure that student voices are respected at the highest level. Senior members include the Earl of Derby and VC Janet Beer but also younger members such as ex Guild President, Sam Butler (2012-2014). I will make students the priority at council meetings.

The Data Improvement Programme was set up to establish a University-wide approach to how we collect, store and use institutional data. The University has committed to only sharing the data with authorised staff, is highly secure, and will only be used for what students have agreed to, such as the improvement of students’ wellbeing and experience.

Adnan Hussain

This committee is for all things education in the University. This is where staff discuss new ideas, policy is brought to be signed off and the group monitors different student issues such as widening participation, technology enhanced learning and student support. The group also has oversight over quality enhancement by looking at the quality assurance agency code and NSS results.

Adnan Hussain- I will make sure the university is committed to addressing ALL attainment gaps that exist and ensuring the universities commitment to widening participation students.

From peer mentoring, lecture capture, vital and the library, the committee has an oversight of all academic aspects of the Student Experience in the University and to promote its ongoing enhancement.

This committee initiated discussions about the BAME attainment gap [LINK to jargon], this led to the Task and Finish Groups focusing on the attainment gap through the University’s Access & Participation Plan.

Adnan Hussain & Dylan Thomson



Adnan Hussain

This committee forms the strategic relationship between the University and the Guild. It monitors and signs off the Guild’s reporting and accounts such as the Student Voice Report, which reviews issues and feedback from Course Reps. This committee acts as a forum to discuss university and Guild joint campaigns and activity.


This group oversees the building work that will be taking place to redevelop the Sphinx garden area, ensuring students can make better use of the space all year round.

Adnan Hussain - A former student officer made plans for a Guild Garden which has now been finalised and construction is ongoing. I have sat on these meetings which have finalised their planning and construction.

This working group primarily deals with study abroad matters, such establishing exchanges to other Universities, grade conversions, module changes and of course Brexit.

Adnan Hussain - Through this committee, I have advocated for transparency on the costs of study abroad programmes.

This is a council sub-committee where members decide who is going to receive honorary degrees at the annual winter and summer ceremonies.

Adnan Hussain - I will make sure that the University is only awarding degrees to people who have done substantial work in the Merseyside area.

This committee is below council and nominates actions that do not need to be discussed at council.

Adnan Hussain

This committee reviews the University’s Quality Assurance processes and develops an overall strategy to review and enhance provision in regards to university priorities and advances in the sector.

Adnan Hussain

Senate is one of the highest decision-making bodies at the University and is responsible for promoting research, promoting and regulating learning and teaching, and for maintaining the quality of standards of the University’s academic provision.


Working across the University, this group receives and responds to live timetabling issues, support collaborative resolutions of issues and supports the process of producing the academic and exam timetables.

Adnan Hussain - I will make sure every student gets an accurate timetable in a timely way.

This group has oversight of the Year in China at XJTLU. The group focuses on any issues relating to the Year in China such as grade conversions, module changes, the student experience and wellbeing, and quality of teaching.

Adnan Hussain - On this committee I will ensure that students who go on their Year in China are receiving adequate academic and wellbeing support.

This committee looks at incidents and safety problems on campus, working with campus security to address crimes and anything related to student safety.

Adnan’s priority –In this committee I encourage the University to adopt a Harm Reduction approach to drug taking on campus, educating students on the risk and making sure students are safe and supported.

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