Adnan Hussain, President

Adnan Hussain, President

In creating the #GuildConnection, I will bridge the gap between the student body and the Guild through social and digital media. I will look to use the Guild’s social media channels to effectively promote society activity, student-led campaigns and Student Officer wins. Societies too must be seen throughout the year instead of just at Welcome stands; I will create opportunities for societies to display what they are up to throughout the year

In 2018, an NUS survey recorded that 56% of students had experimented with drugs at some point in their lives. Some students try drugs without knowing the risks or how to reduce them. This campaign aims to educate students on the impact of mixing drugs & alcohol, provide information on how to help a friend in an emergency, and share resources on how to reduce the risks when taking drugs or consuming alcohol. I will look to challenge the current perception of students who take drugs, ensuring students battling addiction are better supported.

The Gym Premium membership here costs £220 a year for students or £208 for the academic year. That is £23 a month, when you could go to Pure Gym for £14. You cannot even pay a monthly subscription at Liverpool. It is unfair that this is restricted when students are paying a substantial amount for tuition fees and now have to pay to use a sports facility that our fellow Liverpool Students at John Moores get free. I will campaign for a cheaper monthly fee gym that will benefit all of our students.

Furthering the previous work on offering cheaper bus travel for students, I will offer an alternative bus provider to the current bus pass supplied by Arriva, providing a better service for students to get to campus.

Let’s bring student nights back to the heart of campus. Giving a platform to student DJs, I want to create a night out that is ran by students, for students. These events will support a society, cause or charity of student choice. If you are keen on getting involved please get in touch @presidentadnan on Instagram or email.

Currently there are few Halal Food options for students to pick-up whilst at University; I will work alongside campus food providers, and the Guild, to increase the availability of Halal Food.

Currently, Smithdown residents and students are often at tension with each other. I would like to work with the local Council to explore how students and the local area can work together. Potential joint events between Students and locals can help build relationship and a sense of community.

The Guild is a place where students can come and relax in-between lectures or after a day in the library. In order to offer something new to the Guild’s social space, I will look to install retro game consoles in the Courtyard.

If you would like to donate any old game consoles please get in touch.

This year I will be working with the AU President, Thomas Lathrope, working on ways to tackle extreme laddish behaviour with the eventuality of AU nights returning at the Guild.

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